Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops

We know that it can be difficult to create disabled access in hotels, restaurants and retail shops. Hotels want to keep the main entrances untouched and have little space inside for lifts as they're maximising space for rooms. Restaurants find it difficult to create disabled access due to tricky stairways and single swing doors whilst trying to cater for as many covers as possible. And shops are trying to maximising their sales' floor so they can sell more of their products to their customers. We can design lifts that can fit in the tightest spaces and we can even design solutions that can be used by able bodied customer in one instance then turn into a lift for wheelchair users in the next.

Platform & Step Lifts

If you have a small distance between floor levels or perhaps a couple of steps that customers need to get over then a small platform lift or step lift could be the ideal solution for your business. We provide a wide array of platform and step lifts that can be designed to your unique style and can even use your existing materials so the lift seamlessly blends into the restaurant, hotel or shop. With space for a lift being extremely limited in restaurants, hotels and shops we can design scissor platform lifts that merge into the ground with your flooring clad onto the top of the lift. We are specialists in designing bespoke products that are tailored around your needs. For examples of our platform and step lifts in the hotel, restaurant and retail sector click on the following links Audi Northampton, Devonshire Square in London and Cheltenham Racecourse.

Lifts in Retail Spaces
Shop Disabled Access Lift

Platform Lift in Clothing Boutqiue

Restaurant Step lift

Step Lift at the Devonshire Club - City of London

Hotel Step Lift

Hidden Step Lift in Hotel Lobby

Passenger Lifts

If you have a greater distance that you want your lift to travel or if your hotel, restaurant or shop is spread over 2 or more floors then a more conventional passenger platform lift might be suitable. Passenger lifts are common in hotels due to the nature of the buildings and having severals rooms over severals floors. Passenger lifts can also be installed into restaurants to provide access to rooftop bars as well as the upper floors of a restaurant. A multi-floor lifts in a shop or retail store can provide an easy route for all customers to get around the shop as well as providing easier access to stock rooms for staff.

For examples of our completed passenger lifts in the hotels, restaurants and retail sector click on the following links Optique 2000 in Wimborne, The Boathouse at Hythe Marina, Modus in London and Cotswold Dairies.

Shop Lift

Passenger Lift in Opticians

Retail Store Lift

Step Lift in Home Shop

For more information about our lifts in the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors click here and to see more pictures of our work click here


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