Home Platform Lift in Whitecliff, Poole

We were approached by a private client who had already built a lift shaft next to his staircase and was now looking to have a lift installed. We went to the site in Whitecliff, Poole to measure the internal structure and discuss his vision and exactly what he was looking for. Whitecliff is a sought after area and overlooks both Whitecliff Park as well as Poole Harbour. The majority of the houses around the park are very modern with glass being a prominent feature across the whole Whitecliff-Lilliput-Sandbanks area. He wanted a lift that would match the aesthetics of his home and so wanted a style that was light, airy as well as being modern.

We fitted an EP Elfo within the prebuilt lift shaft with the home lift travelling a total distance of 5970mm across 3 floors with a maximum load of 300kg. The internal cabin measures 850mm x 1100mm with 800mm glass swing doors on each floor. The door structure was painted white to match the colour of the lift shaft with the glass within the doors specially made to include a wave-like pattern. On the upper floor there was glass on 3 ides of the lift to allow as much natural light as possible into the lift shaft. The lift was fitted with adjacent entry on 2 sides. This home lift was fitted within 2 weeks.

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Location: Dorset

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2014

Glass Home Lift

Glass Home Lift in Whitecliff

Glass Home Lift

Patterned Glass Home Lift in Poole

Home Lift in Internal Lift Shaft

Glass Home Lift in Internal Lift Shaft

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Glass Lift for Offices at Meriden Hall

We were approached by Hasker Architects who were designing a new glass office building attached to the Grade II listed Meriden Hall. E Manton were the principal contractors running the construction of the new build - they are one of the leading building contractors within the Midlands and take on projects in both the private and public sectors. Hasker Architects are an architectural practice based in Solihull with projects nationwide, their projects vary from one-off houses to multimillion pound industrial projects. For this particular project, the architect wanted a lift for offices which were spread across the two floors in the newly constructed building. The lift was to be finished in pinned glass as to match the building's external facade.

We installed an enclosed platform lift within its own structure in the stairwell leading up to 1st floor. The lift's cabin measured 1400mm x 1100mm with the total travel distance between the floors measuring 4 metres. The safe working load for this lift is 400kg which equals 5 people. The lift's structure was finished in RAL colour 7015 with pinned glass on all four sides and two points of entry from the same side. The lift was fitted with double automatic glass doors on both floors. Tiles were fitted on both the lift platform and in the lift shaft under the lift, these aligned with the existing tiled flooring on both floors. We were also asked to design and install a custom made steel handrail to match the existing handrail on the other side of the stairs. Working with a local metal fabricator we created a steel handrail which was fitted through the panes of glass onto the lift's steel structure to complete an impressive look.

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Location: West Midlands

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2017

Glass Lift in Stairwell

Glass Lift with Automatic Double Doors

Lifts in Offices

Glass Office Lift in the West Midlands

Glass Lifts for Offices

Glass Lift with Custom Made Handrail

Glass Lift in Meriden

Glass Lift in Newly Built Office in Meriden

Glass Office Lift

Glass Lift at Meriden Hall Finished with Pinned Glass

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Stairs That Become a Lift in a Commercial Building

We were approached by Como part of the Mace Group as they had recently changed the floor level of the reception of a commercial office building on Chiswell Street in Central London. This meant that the offices that were on the ground floor now had a floor level difference of 970mm. In order for their customers to now visit their offices, the client needed to be able to provide disabled access.

The challenge that we faced was that there was no space to install a conventional platform lift or step lift let alone a ramp and so we decided to install a specialist platform lift. The best way to describe the LP22 is a set of steps that then collapse into a platform lift that can then provide disabled access without taking away the original steps or stirs of a building. They are most commonly used and installed where space is at a premium so another lift or ramp cannot be fitted. These collapsing stairs look exactly like the original set that they replaced as they can be fitted with the exact same materials used.

The steps were finished in matching grey tiles that were used on the rest of the flooring, blending in seamlessly. The lift was fitted and installed in 3 days and provides disabled access without changing the existing steps leading to the offices.

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Location: Central London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016


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Home Lift in Torquay

We were approached by a client who wanted a home lift installed in their timber framed house in Torquay. The client wanted a lift that would sit in the middle of their wooden staircase and would future-proof his house. The client had designed their house in an Art Deco style and so wanted a lift that wouldn't look out of place with this distinctive appearance and would actually add to its design. 

We installed an EP Elfo within its own fully glazed structure, the lift total travel was 5.8 metres across 3 floors with a platform size of 1235mm x 1235mm. The client chose a gloss black finish for the structure and automatic swing glass doors to match the house's aesthetics. The flooring of the lift was laid with the same stone tiles as the rest of the house's ground floor so there was seamless transition from landing to lift.

The lift was fitted and installed within a fortnight.

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Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

Home Lift in Torquay

Home Lift in Fully Glazed Structure in Art Deco Property

Glass Home Lift

Home Lift in Torquay - Ground Floor

Home Lift

Home Lift Sitting In Stairwell

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Cams Hall Golf Club

Cams Hall Golf Club, based in Fareham, Hampshire, came to us in need of a way for all golf club visitors to be able to access the 1st floor of the clubhouse. The 1st floor of the clubhouse overlooks 18th Green and offers unrestricted views of the surrounding course as well as being used as a function room and events space. The upstairs of the clubhouse is hired out to members of the public for regularevents as well as one off functions. The client really wanted to have a golf course clubhouse lift so that the anyone and everyone could access the whole clubhouse and make use of the wonderful facilities it boasts.

In order to see the wonderful vistas of the golf course we opted for a glass lift shaft, this allows allows a lot more light into the building giving it an airy and spacious feel. The shaft is in the middle of an existing square staircase up to the first floor and the 18th green can be seen as you travel up in the lift. The lift we installed was a vector system that only required a 50mm pit as the client did not want to excavate a pit for the lift so didn't have the added expense of builders' work. We simply removed the carpet and underlay then installed a 20mm stainless steel ramp up to the ground floor level of the lift. The lift travels a total distance of 3.9 metres between floors and the cabin measures 1480mm x 1100mm, giving a large interior so that a user can even fit their clubs in with them. The lift was linked into the fire alarm system so that in the event of a fire, the lift automatically descends to the ground floor. 

The lift allows members and guests of the club complete and unlimited access to the clubhouse's facilities as well as providing disabled access for functions and private parties held on the first floor. The lift adds to this fantastic clubhouse and wonderful golf club.

Location: Hampshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2015

Lifts for Golf Clubs

Lift at Cams Hall Golf Club

Lifts for Golf Clubhouses

Glass Lift for Golf Course in Hampshire

Lifts for Clubhouses

Lift with a view over the 18th Green

Lift Overlooking 18th Green

Lift Looking Over the 18th Green at Cams Hall Golf Club

Glass Clubhouse Lift

Glass Lift at Cams Hall Golf Club in Hampshire

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Home Lift for Renovated Property in Bournemouth

We were approached by a private client as they needed a home lift in their newly built house in Westbourne. The client needed a small home lift that would fit in the middle of their tight staircase and provide the main access route to the whole of the house. The lift would need to the suit the modern look of their house and specifically the kitchen as this is where the lift would be accessed on the ground floor.

We designed and fitted an EP Elfo with platform dimensions of 980mm x 1200mm that would fit within the ready made lift shaft in the stairwell. The lift travel distance was over 5.7 metres across 3 floor levels. The lift was finished with automatic swing doors - the door on the ground floor was finished in panoramic glass, this means that the whole face of the door is glass with the exception of the door handle, the doors on 1st and 2nd floors were a mixture of steel and glass with the steel being painted black to match the modern style of the home.

The home lift installation was completed within 7 days and ready in time for the completion of the client's kitchen.

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Location: Dorset

Status: Completed

Year Completed: 2015

Modern Glass Home Lift

Glass Home Lift in Westbourne with Panoramic Glass Doors

Glass Home Lift

Glass Home Lift with Panoramic Door - Westbourne

Mosaic Home Lift

Glass Home Lift with Mosaic Ornate Floor

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