Billericay – Outdoor Home Lift

We were approached by a private client in Billericay, Essex as they were looking for a lift to make their flat easier to access. Billericay is situated close to the M25 and is desirable amongst commuters and city workers with good transport links into central London. The client's flat is located in central Billericay, just off of the High Street. There were two sets of steps leading up to flat, one was a metal spiral staircase the other a set of concrete paved steps. Objectively the spiral staircase looked beautiful, however practically it was much steeper than the other set of steps and the client's dog couldn't use them due to the gaps in the metalwork. The client decided to remove the spiral staircase and replace it with a lift.

We designed and installed a lift that comes in its own steel and glass structure which then butts up to the exterior wall of the building. The damp-proof barrier is then integrated into the lift's structure forming an impenetrable seal around the lift. The difference between floor levels from the courtyard to the front door level is 4.9 metres. We even used the existing front door aperture and simply fixed our door frame into the space. The cabin measures 1200mm x 1200mm which means there's ample space to take shopping and other heavy items up and down in the lift. The cabin is finished with a polished stainless steel COP and skirting then a panoramic glass side to allow as much light into the lift and into the property. The lift also features return to ground function so that after a certain time period the lift descends allowing as much light through the front door as possible. The lift's structure features the steelwork in anthracite grey (RAL 7016) with smoked glass panels. This gives the lift a modern look which reflects the interior design of the flat, the colour of steelwork matches the window and door frames on the second floor.

Location: Essex

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020

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Outdoor home lift in Billericay, Essex with a polished stainless cabin
The doors feature large glass panels in smoked glass to match the rest of the lift's structure
The lift in Billericay's structure features anthracite grey (RAL 7016) steelwork and smoked glass panels
The lift in Billericay is completely encapsulated by the glass and steel structure
The lift features one polished stainless steel and one with a complete glass side to allow as much light as possible into the lift
The lift sits up against the external wall and integrates with the DPC lining to make a seal against the weather
Our outdoor home lifts require a pit of 130mm below the finished floor level on the lowest floor
The lift features a keypad for extra security as the lift now acts as the property's front door
The door's lift frame fit perfectly within the old front door frame causing minimal builders work for the client

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