Brixham – Outdoor Home Lift

We were approached by a private client in Brixham. Brixham is a seaside town in the Torbay area of South Devon; famous for its fishing, it is also popular with tourists during the summer months. As with many properties in the coastal areas of the South West, this property in Brixham was located on a steep hill with the road level several metres above the main entrance into the property. The client was extensively redeveloping the property and during the works was trying to find an alternative access route to the steep steps that lead to the front door.  We worked with an architect to design a lift that would provide access from the parking at street level to the two floors below. The middle stop would provide access to the holiday let attached to the property, whilst the bottom floor would lead directly into the client's home. 

This outdoor home lift comes in its own self-supporting glass and steel structure. For this project in Brixham the steelwork was colour matched (RAL 7044) with the stone slabs on the top floor as well as some of the stone in the cliffside. The transparent glass panels of the lift shaft allow as much light as possible to enter down into the shaft and into the property below. In addition the lift features a panoramic glass side so the client can still enjoy the view of Brixham whilst travelling in the lift. The COP side of the lift is finished in polished stainless steel which makes the lift feel as spacious as possible and reflects the lift throughout the cabin. The lift was fitted with a security keypad in the cabin. This means that only guests with the correct passcode can travel to the middle floor to access the holiday let and there is a different passcode to travel to the client's floor. 

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020

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Outdoor glass home lift in Brixham on the top floor
This outdoor home lift in Brixham features a glass and steel self-supporting structure
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The transparent glass panels allow light to floor into the lift shaft and the property
The lift shaft in Brixham is powder-coated in RAL 7044 to match the stone slabs on the top floor and some of the stones in the cliffside
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