Cams Hall Golf Club

Cams Hall Golf Club, based in Fareham, Hampshire, came to us in need of a way for all golf club visitors to be able to access the 1st floor of the clubhouse. The 1st floor of the clubhouse overlooks 18th Green and offers unrestricted views of the surrounding course as well as being used as a function room and events space. The upstairs of the clubhouse is hired out to members of the public for regularevents as well as one off functions. The client really wanted to have a golf course clubhouse lift so that the anyone and everyone could access the whole clubhouse and make use of the wonderful facilities it boasts.

In order to see the wonderful vistas of the golf course we opted for a glass lift shaft, this allows allows a lot more light into the building giving it an airy and spacious feel. The shaft is in the middle of an existing square staircase up to the first floor and the 18th green can be seen as you travel up in the lift. The lift we installed was a vector system that only required a 50mm pit as the client did not want to excavate a pit for the lift so didn't have the added expense of builders' work. We simply removed the carpet and underlay then installed a 20mm stainless steel ramp up to the ground floor level of the lift. The lift travels a total distance of 3.9 metres between floors and the cabin measures 1480mm x 1100mm, giving a large interior so that a user can even fit their clubs in with them. The lift was linked into the fire alarm system so that in the event of a fire, the lift automatically descends to the ground floor. 

The lift allows members and guests of the club complete and unlimited access to the clubhouse's facilities as well as providing disabled access for functions and private parties held on the first floor. The lift adds to this fantastic clubhouse and wonderful golf club.

Location: Hampshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2015

Platform Lift at Cams Hall Golf Club
Glass Lift for Cams Hall Golf Club
Lift in Stairwell at Cams Hall Golf Club, Fareham
Lift Looking Over the 18th Green at Cams Hall Golf Club
Glass Lift at Cams Hall Golf Club in Hampshire

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  1. We are a small club on the first floor of a building that we own. The membership is made up of mainly members in excess of 65 years. Several have disabilities which prevent them attending the club due to the inaccesability of the premises. We do however have an old stair lift but that needs replacing. We are also considering moving the bar cellar equipment to the first floor in the bar area. The main problem with that is the delivery of barrels to the first floor. We are a small club and only use a barrel every two to three weeks so that traffic is not heavy. The void created by moving the cellar would seem to create an ideal space for a lift that would serve a dual role for both disabled acces and delivery. Ball park figure for a platform lift?

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your message, depending on the style and finishes of the lift the price can really vary, if you give us a call on 0800 65 252 65 it would be great to discuss this project further. I’ve also sent en email to the email address attached to the message just in case this doesn’t reach you.

      Kind regards,


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