Glass Home Lift in St John’s Wood, London

We were approached by a private client in St John's Wood, Central London, who wanted a glass home lift running across 5 floors of his house. St John's Wood is a largely residential area of London, adjacent to Regent's Park and home of Lord's cricket ground. It is an extremely affluent district of London with large detached properties contrary to London's usual townhouse homes.  With this in mind the client wanted a lift that would live up to his expectations and seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of his home.

After attending the site to measure the lift shaft we submitted the drawings and discussed with the client his vision and exactly what he wanted in regards to style and finishes. He made it clear that he wanted the lift to look very modern and be completed in a full glass structure with glass doors. We fitted an EP Elfo with cabin dimensions of 950mm x 1000mm which travelled a total distance of 10.5 metres across 5 floors. The lift was finished with panoramic glass doors that were 800mm wide creating a spacious cabin interior. The glass finish for both the structure and doors meant that the lift matched the client's modern and luxurious specifications. 

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Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

Glass Home Lift in London

Glass Home Lift in St John's Wood

Glass Domestic Lift

Glass Home Lift in Central London

London Home Lift

Home Lift in St John's Wood

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Goods Lift at Commercial Office in the City of London

Access Lifts was approached by ISG because they needed a lift installed during their refit of Dixon House, a large commercial office building on Fenchurch Street  in the City of London. ISG needed a lift that could be used as an alternative disabled access lift but would predominantly be used for moving heavy goods such as large refuse bins. They needed a lift that could carry over 2000kg of goods across the 2 floor levels. As with many buildings in the City, space at Dixon House is at a premium and so the goods lift had to be made with a specially designed platform to fit the abnormal space. The goods lift had to be be made into a right angled trapezium shape to fit the space of the service entrance of the building. 

The goods lift has platform dimensions of 4050mm x 1500mm and travels a total distance of 1750mm. The lift had to have a 550mm pit below the finished floor level so that the lift's scissor mechanism would fit and the platform would be at the same height as the finished floor level. The lift has handrails on one side with a stainless steel sliding gate so that access is provided even when the lift isn't in use. The goods lift's was finished with a 50mm x 6mm galvanised steel edge so that the client's concrete flooring could be laid onto the platform to match the surrounding floor.

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2017

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Inclined Platform Lift in Dartmouth

We were approached by a group of clients that wanted to find a way to get from the road to their house some 44 metres up a steep incline. An inclined platform lift would be an easy way to get to their homes as well as transport shopping and other heavy items to and from the houses. The lift would provide access for 3 homes that shared the same access route up the side of a hill in Dartmouth, Devon.

The only viable option for this particular challenge was to install an inclined platform lift however we had never installed anything this long before. Before we started we needed to photograph every step (all 87!) so we could produce a quality drawing for both the clients and the manufacturer. Due to the location’s proximity to the sea, both the lift and the complex supporting structure would have to be made out of the right materials to prevent any rusting or corrosion.

We chose to install a Hiro inclined platform lift, with the lift and the structure built using marine-grade stainless steel so that the system wouldn’t rust or weaken overtime. The lift was installed within 1 week and the clients are very happy.

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

Inclined Platform lift at Dartmouth
Curved Inclined Platform Lift
This inclined platform lift travelled over 44 metres in Dartmouth

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Home Lift in Torquay

We were approached by a private client who wanted a home lift installed in their house in Torquay. The client wanted a lift that would sit in the middle of their wooden staircase and would future-proof his house. The client had designed their house in an Art Deco style and so wanted a lift that wouldn't look out of place with this distinctive appearance and would actually add to its design. In addition the lift should act as a light well, allowing light to flood from the top floor all the way down to the ground floor. 

We installed a lift within its own fully glazed structure, the lift total travel was 5.8 metres across 3 floors. The lift was made to fit the exact size of the stairwell to maximise the size of the lift, the cabin measured 1200mm x 1000mm allowing ample room for passengers as well as suitcases. The client chose a gloss black finish for the structure and automatic swing doors with large glass windows to match the house's aesthetics. The internal cabin was finished in brushed stainless steel with an Art Deco lighting design. The flooring of the lift was laid with the same stone tiles as the rest of the house's ground floor so there was seamless transition from landing to lift which can be seen in the photos below

The lift was fitted and installed within a fortnight.

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

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Ground floor of the home lift in Torquay
Internal brushed stainless steel cabin in home in Torquay
Glass home lift in stairwell in Torquay, Devon
Home Lift in Torquay - Ground Floor
Home Lift Sitting In Stairwell

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New Forest Ice Cream

We were approached by New Forest Ice Cream, one of the largest independent ice cream producers in the UK. They were looking to install disabled access to the 1st floor at their head office in Lymington, Hampshire. New Forest Ice Cream is a family run business that was established over 30 years ago and has supplied the nation with the highest quality products. As the business has grown so has the office size and location. In 2013 New Forest Ice Cream moved back to where they started in Lymington to larger premises. With the larger production facility and office they needed disabled access to the first floor. This is when they got in contact with Access Lifts.

After attending site and having a meeting with the client it was clear they wanted a practical lift that would have lots of space. This was so that 1st floor of the office was accessible for disabled members of staff as well as any visitors who used wheelchairs. We installed a disabled platform lift measuring 1100mm x 1400mm - enough space for a wheelchair as well as a carer if necessary in it's own aluminium structure. The total distance the lift travelled was 4.5 metres across the 2 floors. The lift was finished with glass swing landing doors which were painted blue with the rest of the shaft painted white to match the building's interior. The lift was installed within 3 days.

Location: Hampshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2013

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Platform Lift at New Forest Ice Cream

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Wheelchair Lift at The Point, Eastleigh

We were approached by representatives of The Point, Eastleigh as they were looking to install a new wheelchair lift. The Point, Eastleigh is a local theatre that plays host to a large variety of performances and is run by Eastleigh Borough Council. The Point is situated adjacent to Eastleigh Borough Council offices in the town centre and is a hub for local residents. The theatre accommodates a wide range of events spanning from contemporary theatrical productions to dances classes for all ages to community shows. As a vital hub for the local community the client needed to replace their current wheelchair lift quickly. The Point's current wheelchair lift was over 15 years old and wasn't fit for purpose. However the old lift provided a vital disabled access route for both staff and visitors alike and so we surveyed the site and submitted drawings for a new lift to the client.

We designed and fitted a brand new wheelchair lift to travel up the 3.5 metres difference between ground floor to first floor. The total travel of the lift is over 7 metres which included two 90º corners and one 180º corner from the ground floor. The width of the staircase varied therefore a smaller platform measuring 750mm x 900mm was fitted. The wheelchair lift has a rated load of 225kg therefore can easily move even the heaviest of mobility scooters. The lift was installed within 2 days.

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Location: Hampshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2018

The Point, Eastleigh
Wheelchair Lift at The Point, Eastleigh
Wheelchair Platform Lift at The Point
Disabled Access at The Point, Eastleigh
Inclined Wheelchair Platform Lift at The Point, Eastleigh

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Platform Lift at Bitterne Park School

We were approached by Bitterne Park School in Southampton as they wanted to install disabled access across their main school building and were having difficulty in positioning the school lift. Schools can often find it difficulty to find the space for disabled access in or around existing buildings especially if the building is 20 years or older. Bitterne Park School had this same problem so got in touch about where a lift could be positioned to maximise the existing space of the school and make it easier for pupils with wheelchairs to get to and from lessons.

We installed a Vimec EO6 platform lift across 3 floors with a travel distance of 10 metres. The school lift was fitted in its own external glazed shaft with black weatherproof steel and then was directly fitted to the existing school building. The lift was installed with fully automatic swing landing doors on each landing.  We also installed the lift with a "school timer" that means after it has been used the lift automatically travels away from the floor level so the system is completely locked and no one can gain access to the lift shaft. The pupils or members of staff with the access key for the lift can then use it as and when they need to. The pump was installed within a secure steel cabinet opposite the ground floor door. We not only carried out the lift installation inclusive of the glazed shaft but also project managed the building work for the local LEA.

Location: Hampshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2012

School Lift for Bitterne Park - Open Ground Floor

School Lift at Bitterne Park - Open Ground Floor

School Lift

School Lift at Bitterne Park in Southampton

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Platform Lift on a Speedboat

We were asked to design and create a platform lift on a speedboat for one of their clients. Their client is a wheelchair user and needed a way they could easily board and disembark the tender to reach both the marina or their motor-yacht. The tender was originally converted from an amphibious vehicle and the only available space for the lift was to the rear of the boat.

The main challenges facing us on this project were that all the materials would have to be resistant to the marine environment, getting a suitable power supply to operate the lift, how could the lift be used safely on the water and making the boat “invisible” so guests wouldn’t be able to see it before and after use.

To combat the salt water and its life at sea, the lift was made out of 316 marine grade stainless steel, unlike conventional stainless steel which can rust when it comes into contact with salt water, 316 stainless steel doesn’t corrode so can handle the sea environment. All stainless steel parts are then treated with different chemicals and highly polished to remove any free iron particles that could be present on the surface. If left untreated these small specs of ferrous materials would eventually rust and bleed over the stainless steel.

In order to operate the lift we were able to match the boat’s current power supply of 24V DC so that no external batteries would have to be used and charged. This saves on overall weight of the lift and of course makes the system less bulky and easier to disguise within the boat itself.

As you can imagine, to use a lift whilst at sea can be difficult with the constant swell changing the position of the boat and the lift compared with the marina or quayside. We installed retractable 316 marine grade stainless steel handrails that are clicked into place when the lift is to be operated. This allows crew, users and guests to safely embark and disembark the boat, without these there is a risk of falling into the marina. In addition all the lift controls were operated by handheld radio controls, this allowed the crew and client to use the lift remotely, as well as being able to float so they would be able to be retrieved if they were dropped in the sea.

To tackle the issue of blending the lift into the boat, we decided the lift should be designed to sit under the decking when not in use. The system completely collapses into the surrounding decking and is finished with the same teak used on the rest of the boat and so it is completely disguised.

Working in partnership with the boat builders we completed the installation in the South of France in 10 days. The lift has made it easier for the crew, client and guests to moor straight onto the marina and quayside rather than tackling the difficult task of pontoons.

Location: Hampshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2017


Hidden lift on speedboat
Bespoke platform lift on boat
Traversing lift for boats
Lift on boat fully traversed to quayside
Wheelchair lift on a speedboat
Speedboat lift travelling towards the quayside
Platform lift that comes out the back of a tender

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Step Lifts at Cheltenham Racecourse

During renovation and refurbishment of Cheltenham Racecourse, KIER needed to supply access to two different locations in their new Princess Royal grandstand. As one of the busiest racecourses in the country, the client needed step lifts that were modern to suit the brand new grandstand as well as rugged, so to endure both the elements and sheer numbers of people who go to Cheltenham throughout the year.

The first step lift was situated under cover and is used to access the Mandarin restaurant and Mandarin terrace so that when customers are finished dining they can view the races from the terrace. Even though it is under cover, this specialist lift can withstand the elements and will happily operate in subzero temperatures. The travel of the step lift is 1200mm with a maximum load of 375kg so that a wheelchair user and carer can both use the lift at the same time. The lift is finished in stainless steel and glass as to blend in with the facade of the new modern grandstand.

The second step lift, allows disabled members of the public to access the Golden Miller terrace which overlooks the paddock on one side and the racecourse on the other. The position of the lift lends itself to be exposed to the weather. However the lift we installed, the LP5+, is a specialist external lift that can cope with any conditions, even snowstorms and subzero temperatures. The lift travels 600 mm and has soft touch buttons so that the user can simply rest their hand on the buttons to operate the system. In addition, the lift uses a 12 volt DC supply so that if there are any interruptions in power the lift will take the user safely up or down. Similarly to the lift located outside the Mandarin restaurant, the lift is finished in stainless and glass, in keeping with the modern aesthetics of the grandstand.

Both step lifts were fitted and installed within 5 days in October 2015 and were ready for the start of the racing season in November.

Location: Gloucestershire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2015

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Outdoor Step Lift at Cheltenham Raceocurse
Step Lift onto the Golden Miller Terrace at Cheltenham Racecourse
Step Lift Leading to the Mandarin Restaurant at Cheltenham Racecourse
The glass platform lift at Cheltenham Racecourse
The platform lift at the Golden Miller Terrace overlooks Cheltenham Racecourse

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Cams Hall Golf Club

Cams Hall Golf Club, based in Fareham, Hampshire, came to us in need of a way for all golf club visitors to be able to access the 1st floor of the clubhouse. The 1st floor of the clubhouse overlooks 18th Green and offers unrestricted views of the surrounding course as well as being used as a function room and events space. The upstairs of the clubhouse is hired out to members of the public for regularevents as well as one off functions. The client really wanted to have a golf course clubhouse lift so that the anyone and everyone could access the whole clubhouse and make use of the wonderful facilities it boasts.

In order to see the wonderful vistas of the golf course we opted for a glass lift shaft, this allows allows a lot more light into the building giving it an airy and spacious feel. The shaft is in the middle of an existing square staircase up to the first floor and the 18th green can be seen as you travel up in the lift. The lift we installed was a vector system that only required a 50mm pit as the client did not want to excavate a pit for the lift so didn't have the added expense of builders' work. We simply removed the carpet and underlay then installed a 20mm stainless steel ramp up to the ground floor level of the lift. The lift travels a total distance of 3.9 metres between floors and the cabin measures 1480mm x 1100mm, giving a large interior so that a user can even fit their clubs in with them. The lift was linked into the fire alarm system so that in the event of a fire, the lift automatically descends to the ground floor. 

The lift allows members and guests of the club complete and unlimited access to the clubhouse's facilities as well as providing disabled access for functions and private parties held on the first floor. The lift adds to this fantastic clubhouse and wonderful golf club.

Location: Hampshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2015

Platform Lift at Cams Hall Golf Club
Glass Lift for Cams Hall Golf Club
Lift in Stairwell at Cams Hall Golf Club, Fareham
Lift Looking Over the 18th Green at Cams Hall Golf Club
Glass Lift at Cams Hall Golf Club in Hampshire

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