Access Lifts at the Olympics

Back in 2012 we were asked by the well known temporary structure supplier Portakabin to help with the access issues for their Operations Centre in Stratford, East London during the London 2012 Olympics. They needed to provide access to the viewing platform on top of their temporary structure for mobility impaired and wheelchair bound visitors.

The specific requirements  of the lift were - it had to travel over 11 metres, they needed an external lift shaft attached to their existing structure, a through lift cabin with doors on both sides of the shaft, fire control sensors and testers and an intercom that connected directly to the main reception - they needed all of this done within 40 days! We even took into account any prevailing winds as the lift would be over 13 metres tall and attached to a temporary structure.

We initially met with Portakabin on 31st May and on the day we managed to give an immediate verbal quotation after taking all of the necessary measurements. By the afternoon we had contacted the manufacturer to produce detailed drawings of the lift and were able to provide a full quotation with the necessary builders' work. Within 5 working days Portakabin confirmed the order and the lift was installed by 29th June (only 21 days later!), this was 10 days before the deadline and the client was totally delighted with the finished product.

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2012

Sporting Events Lift
Olympics Lift

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Paternoster Square

We were approached by the building and real estate group CBRE for a project in one of their buildings in Paternoster Square, Central London. Paternoster Square is in the heart of the financial district in the City of London, playing host to the London Stock Exchange as well as several investment banks. The client wanted a lift that would connect the kitchen on the lower floor to the staff restaurant above. The lift would act as disabled access as well as performing as a goods lift ferrying food to and from the two floors.

The specific requirements that the client wanted were; the lift could take over 300 kg in weight, as they would be transporting several heavy trolleys to and from the kitchen. The second requirement was that the lift had 2 points of access on the lower floor so that trolleys could be loaded into the lift form both sides of the kitchen and the client wanted an affordable product that wouldn’t break the bank.

In order to match these criteria we decided to install a 1100mm x 1460mm screw drive platform lift with a travel of 3.6m between floors. The lift supports a load of up to 410kg so staff could easily transport large trolleys carrying food up in the lift. As requested two doors were fitted on the lower floor to allow goods to be loaded form both sides of the kitchen and then one adjacent door was fitted within the restaurant. The structure and lift car were finished in white with blue floors apart from the restaurant door was finished in black as to match the colours of the restaurant. The installation was completed within 3 days.

Location: Central London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2015

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Goods Lift for CBRE @ Paternoster Square
Goods Lift at Paternoster Square

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Home Lift for Renovated Property in Bournemouth

We were approached by a private client as they needed a home lift in their newly built house in Westbourne. The client needed a small home lift that would fit in the middle of their tight staircase and provide the main access route to the whole of the house. The lift would need to the suit the modern look of their house and specifically the kitchen as this is where the lift would be accessed on the ground floor.

We designed and fitted an EP Elfo with platform dimensions of 980mm x 1200mm that would fit within the ready made lift shaft in the stairwell. The lift travel distance was over 5.7 metres across 3 floor levels. The lift was finished with automatic swing doors - the door on the ground floor was finished in panoramic glass, this means that the whole face of the door is glass with the exception of the door handle, the doors on 1st and 2nd floors were a mixture of steel and glass with the steel being painted black to match the modern style of the home.

The home lift installation was completed within 7 days and ready in time for the completion of the client's kitchen.

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Location: Dorset

Status: Completed

Year Completed: 2015

Modern Glass Home Lift

Glass Home Lift in Westbourne with Panoramic Glass Doors

Glass Home Lift

Glass Home Lift with Panoramic Door - Westbourne

Mosaic Home Lift

Glass Home Lift with Mosaic Ornate Floor

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Cupboard Lift in Newbury

We were asked by the building contractor Calco to come and measure for a cupboard lift for their client in Newbury. The site was a newly built farmhouse and we were told that the client wanted a lift that would be easily disguised and concealed within their home. The main challenge was that the lift shaft was relatively narrow and so limited options were available.

We decided to install the Elfo by EP, due to its versatility and ability to be designed for even the smallest of spaces, the lift shaft measured 1150mm x 1500mm. The lift travelled 6m in total across 3 floors with 800mm swing doors fitted on each floor. On both the ground floor and 1st floor, the doors matched the others on the floor and so the lift looked as if it was simply another room or cupboard.

We completed the installation within 8 days and the lift was ready for the client to move into their new home.

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Location: Berkshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016


Cupboard Lift Disguised Behind Hallway Door
Cupboard Lift on 1st Floor Landing

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External Home Lift in Powys

We were asked to go to Powys, to measure up for an external home lift in the region for a couple who wanted to make access to their home easier. After speaking with the client we found that 7 other lift companies had turned down the project as it was either too far away for them to realistically complete the project or they simply didn’t have the expertise to design and fit an external home lift.

We managed to come up with the solution of an external platform lift within its own fully glazed structure so that the homeowner could see the wonderful vista of the Welsh countryside surrounding their home whilst travelling in the lift. The lift connected the garage with the walkway above which in turn connected straight to their front door.

The lift would make it easier to go from the garage straight to the house without having to tackle the steep steps up to the front door and is also useful to take heavy shopping and other items up to the house. The lift that was fitted was a 1600mm x 1500m Elfo EP with a 4.1m travel up to the first floor. The structure was fitted with opaque glass on the ground floor to increase privacy from the road whilst the upper part of the shaft was completely transparent so the homeowner could see the surrounding views. The finish of the lift was in light grey as to match the colour of sky and so the lift would blend in.

We installed the lift within a fortnight and the client is very happy with the lift.

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Location: Powys

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

Outdoor Home Lift in Powys, Wales

External Platform Lift in Glazed Structure

External Home Lift with Purpose Built Walkway

External Home Lift - Walkway

Outdoor Glass Home Lift

External Home Lift from the Garage

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Southern Rail Fiasco

One of the main stories that has been popping up in the news lately is about the ongoing strikes being conducted by Southern Rail staff over pay. This has led to infighting between MPs and transport ministers and has affected the customers using Southern Rail. This disruption has created irregular train timetabling and in turn has led to commuters not being to get to work on time.

Among other issues, one significant point is that on Southern Rail services, there is a lack of disabled access meaning that many routes across the South do not cater for wheelchair users. This coupled with overcrowding of trains makes it virtually impossible for people with disabilities to get on the services. Public transport should serve every member of the public regardless of their impairments. 

These concerns have been echoed on other rail networks with many passengers being left in the dark. Issues such as year-on-year ticket price increases and services being cut increase the profits of the large corporations who own the rail services. In addition due to new train carriages being commissioned with higher step ups, access is becoming more difficult for customers with disabilities as well as mums with pushchairs.

Train access liftOne of the products we offer is the LP11, a Guldmann product that can be stored on the platform and then rolled out as and when it is needed. This product has a maximum travel of 1 metre and can take a maximum load of 300 kg. This portable lift only needs one person to operate it and means that disabled passengers or mums with pushchairs can get on and off trains quickly and safely. This is an easy solution to a complex problem that rail services have created for themselves. Rail networks cannot cope with the increased demand and so have cut corners and have disregarded their namesake of public transport as they leave many members of the public out in the cold.  

Our products are used throughout Europe by large railway companies such as SNCF in France, DSB in Denmark and RENFE in Spain. It is difficult to see why British rail companies haven’t followed suit as, in the long term, with more disabled customers using their services, they would increase their profits. British rail companies need to wake up and actually face their problems rather than this petty squabbling that has been seen week in, week out this entire year. 

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Access Lifts of Poole celebrate Achilles accreditation and National Theatre lift contract

Acess Lifts Director Rob and JaneAccess Lifts is celebrating its recent Achilles Building Confidence Accreditation.

By attaining this prestigious industry standard, Access Lifts has successfully joined a select group of companies that provide high quality lifts and access equipment in the United Kingdom.

The accreditation comes at the same time Lend Lease awarded Access Lifts a contract to fit a lift at the main foyer of the National Theatre in London. By obtaining the Achilles Accreditation, Access Lifts was able to fulfill all of the contractor’s specialist requirements and will be installing the lift this summer.

It was a very comprehensive assessment; we had to provide in depth knowledge about all of our policies culminating in a thorough interview between the two teams.

This hard work proves Access Lifts can now compete at the very top level across the UK. We are currently working with a number of prominent organisations from the Palace of Westminster to St Paul’s Cathedral.Rob Edwards, Managing Director Access Lifts Ltd.

Access Lifts has already been involved in the London 2012 Olympic Games and installed a specialist lift aboard the Queen’s Royal Barge, the “Gloriana”, for the Royal Jubilee Pageant. Access Lift prides itself on being able to source the very best lifting equipment from across the world and delivering it to the end user for the best value. The firm helps companies and private individuals with access problems ranging from as little as 150 mm to 15000 mm.