Eardley House – Glass Platform Lift

We were approached by 23 Architecture who were designing the redevelopment of Eardley House, a commercial building which is located on the corner of Uxbridge Street and Campden Hill Road in Notting Hill Gate. Eardley house is located close to Holland Park, an area known for its linked to the arts with the Holland Park Circle being home to many notable artists over the years. The redevelopment of site involved excavation below the main body of the building which would create a brand new basement space. The plan was for the basement to be a new studio and gallery space. With this in mind the client needed an accessible way of reaching the new arts space from the street level. The lift specification required a 90º entry layout with a half height automatic door on the upper landing and a full height automatic door on the lower landing. The architect wanted the lift to allow as much light into the space as possible so that it would flood the basement area around the lift with light.

The lift features frameless glass panels on two sides with the upper landing featuring a frameless glass door as well. The lift's upper landing door is linked with the external door so that when a visitor comes to use the lift from street level the lift's door is already open waiting for the user. On the lower floor the lift has a full height fully automatic glass door. The lift's steel upstands as well as the lower level door frame were finished in the same colour as the building's window frames and lighting fixtures. The rest of the basement's stone flooring was continued into the lift producing a seamless finish. 

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020

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The glass platform lift with the door open
Glass platform lift at a studio in London
Platform lift with frameless glass door
The glass door from below
Bespoke glass lift with 90º entry at Eardley House
The Studio at Eardley House
The upper landing features a half height frameless glass door
A wide shot showing the lift's location within the gallery
The gallery features 3 parts for different displays

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