We were approached by a private client who was looking to install a lift in their newly built house in Westbourne. The client needed a small home lift that would fit in the middle of their tight staircase and provide the main access route to the whole of the house. The lift would need to the suit the modern look of their house and specifically the kitchen as this is where the lift would be accessed on the ground floor. 

We designed and fitted a lift with cabin dimensions of 980mm x 1200mm that would fit within the ready made lift shaft in the stairwell. The lift travel distance was over 5.7 metres across 3 floor levels. The lift was finished with automatic swing doors - the door on the ground floor was finished in panoramic glass, this means that the whole face of the door is glass with the exception of the door handle which is made out of polished stainless steel. This premium look coupled with the smoked glass lift shaft is befitting of the rest of the house. The internal cabin was a combination of glass and polished stainless steel which allows the maximum amount of light into the lift and means that the lift shaft acts as a light well. The doors on 1st and 2nd floors were a mixture of steel and glass with the steel being painted black to match the modern style of the home.

The home lift installation was completed within 7 days and ready in time for the completion of the client's kitchen.

Location: Dorset

Status: Completed

Year Completed: 2015

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Glass Home Lift in Westbourne with Panoramic Glass Doors
Glass Home Lift with Panoramic Door - Westbourne
Glass Home Lift with Mosaic Ornate Floor

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