King Street Townhouse Spa & Gym

The King Street Townhouse is a luxury hotel built in 1872 and located on Booth Street in central Manchester. The hotel features a rooftop pool, sundeck and recently refurbished gym and spa. We were approached by EPR Architects who were in charge of the design for the King Street Townhouse Spa and Gym. They were looking for solutions that would be able to combine luxury finishes and provide practical unobtrusive access for less able bodied visitors. The Gym is located on the ground floor with the Spa below in the basement. Due to the age of the building there were split levels on both floors with a set of steps leading from street level into the main gym entrance and two low rise changes of level in the Spa. Traditional access solutions such as inclined platform lifts can take long to operate and can detract from the surrounding finishes.

We worked with EPR through their Stage 3 & 4 design to specify 3 hidden platform lifts for these small changes of level. The benefit of these lifts is that they can be placed in front of the steps and do not take up any space when not in use. This is perfect for entrances and lobbies where there is not space for a traditional platform lifts to the side of the steps. They are incredibly versatile with a number of different on platform, landing or handheld remote controls which ensure that the client gets exactly the operation arrangement they require. 

The other lift of the package is a cabin lift which transports passengers from the ground floor Gym entrance to the Spa below. This cabin lift features 90º adjacent entry with 2 entrances on the ground floor one from the main entrance and one leading directly into the Gym as well as the entrance into the Spa below. This lift features bespoke bronze finishes throughout the cabin with lighter skirting, dark mesh panels and a full length bronze mirror to one side. The passenger lift features 2 types of bespoke swing landing door. The first type which is present on the gym entrances features mirror tinted frameless glass panels with gunmetal grey door frames and full height matte black door handles. The second type found in the Spa features the same mirror tinted frameless glass panel with bronze door frame and full height matte black door handles. Both of these type of doors feature bronze mirror panels on the side facing the cabin.

The lifts package was completed and installed in time for the King Street Townhouse Spa & Gym's opening in July 2022. 

Location: Manchester

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2022

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The gym entrance to the main lift at King Street Townhouse
The spa entrance at King Street Townhouse
Frameless glass door of the lift at KSTH in Manchester
The gym entrance to the main lift at the KSTH in Manchester
One of the hidden platform lifts in the spa of King Street Townhouse
Hidden wheelchair lift at King Street Townhouse in central Manchester
Hidden platform lift at spa on Booth Street, Manchester
The internal cabin features copper skirting detail and bronze mesh panels as well as a bronze mirror
the lift cabin features a bronze mirror
The main lift entrance leading from the spa at King Street Townhouse

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