Laystall Street – Hidden Platform Lift

We were approached by Peldon Rose, a main contractor based in London, who were carrying out a refurbishment on Laystall Street in Farringdon. They were redeveloping the 5 storey commercial office and required a hidden lift in the ground floor reception area. The hidden cantilever lift would allow wheelchair users to reach the passenger lift and access all floors of the building. The hidden lift raises 280mm and traverses 200mm to meet the top step. It features 100mm roll-off protection on all sides which disappears into the pit when the lift is not in use and the front side lowers when the lift reaches the top step to allow the user to exit the platform. These lifts also feature a 22mm top tray which can be infilled with any material to match the surrounding floor. For this project at 12-16 Laystall Street, the top tray was filled with a concrete resin finish and stainless steel trims were used on the roll-off protection to match the contemporary appearance of the new office space. The lift is fitted with handheld remote controls which are kept with the reception desk.

This project, like many, had a floor below where the lift was installed. In order to support the lift, the main contractor fitted suspended steel beams. Our engineers then fixed the lift's pit tray down into this structural steelwork. All of our hidden lifts come with their own galvanised steel pit trays which are then fixed to the existing structure of the building. The pit trays can be fitted by the contractor prior to the lift installation. This allows the contractor to get the floor levels set and finished even before the lift is installed. The pit required for these lifts is only 155mm so means that they can be installed pretty much anywhere. In addition the pit tray can be fixed along its sides rather than down into steel or concrete therefore reducing the size of any void between the floor level and the below ceiling. 

This lift was installed within 5 hours.

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020


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Hidden Cantilever Lift at 12-16 Laystall Street
The traversing lift features 100mm roll-off protection on all sides
The hidden lift is finished with the same concrete resin as the surrounding floor
The lift is finished with stainless steel trims to match the contemporary aesthetic of the building
Traversing lift for wheelchairs in a commercial office in London
Hidden step lift at 12-16 Laystall Street
The hidden lift at Laystall Street disappears completely into the ground
Hidden traversing lift in the reception of 12-16 Laystall Street

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