Bespoke Hidden Lift in a New Bond Street Boutique

We were approached by 3Interiors who were carrying out the refurbishment of a brand new New Bond Street boutique. They were looking for a discreet form of disabled access that would blend in with the modern aesthetic of the store. 3Interiors is an interior design contractor that specialises in commercial retail, bars and restaurants as well as having undertaken private residential projects. Bond Street is the London home for the world's major fashion houses and brands. The difficulty that the New Bond Street boutique store faced was that they had a split level with a narrow stairwell leading front the main shop floor to other retail space. The difference between the floor levels was 750mm, a Part M compliant ramp would have to total over 15 metres in length for this rise. A ramp of this length would not have even fit in the shop and so was never a considered option. The narrow width of the stairs would make a traditional platform lift difficult to install and would involve altering the preexisting layout of the store. 

The two options available in order to keep the existing stairwell would be to have a collapsable stairwell similar to our project at Chiswell Street or a hidden platform lift. Both would provide the necessary access and leave the stairwell free when not in use. However the collapsable stairwell would require a greater pit depth which would then require more structural work above the basement. The hidden platform lift at the New Bond Street boutique offers disabled access, connecting the main shop floor with the rest of the retail space. The lift rises 750mm and travels 1200mm across to meet the top step. The lift features detachable stainless steel handrails which are fitted when the lift is used. The top tray was given to the tiling company in advance of the installation in which they fitted the same handmade Italian terrazzo tiles to match the surrounding floor. 

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2019

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The lift at the New Bond Street boutique has handmade terrazzo tiles to match the surrounding flooring
Hidden wheelchair lift in a boutique on New Bond Street
Hidden lift with detachable handrails
Hidden platform lift in a fashion house's New Bond Street boutique
The lift links two parts of the boutique together, making it accessible for every visitor
Hidden wheelchair lift at a New Bond Street boutique
The hidden lift has detachable handrails to prevent users from fall off of the platform
Without the handrails the hidden lift recesses into the ground and allows other visitors to use the steps as normal

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