Outdoor Stairlift in Kingswear, Devon

In January 2017 we were approached by a private client in Kingswear, Devon who was looking to future-proof their home and provide disabled access not only to themselves but to friends as well. Similar to many properties across the Devon coastline, this home was situated on the side of a hill with car parking several metres below the entrance to the house. After discussion with the client we decided that the best option would be to install an outdoor stairlift. Other options such as a platform lift would require too much builders work and wouldn't be an affordable option while there was too little space to fit an inclined platform lift without expanding the width of the steps.

The total travel of the outdoor stairlift is over 23 metres spread across 43 steps from the road below to the front door. Even though the route the lift travels is a complicated one with many twists and turns, the outdoor stairlift was installed in one day. Due to the lift's location and proximity to the sea, all metal components were made out of marine-grade stainless steel to prevent any rust or corrosion forming in the future. The client was very happy with the installation and has a beautiful view of the River Dart when they use the outdoor stairlift.

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Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2017

Outdoor Stairlift in Kingswear, Devon
Outdoor Disabled Chair Lift Overlooking the River Dart
Outdoor Chairlift in Devon
Outside Stairlift That Travels Over 23 Metres in Devon

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