Pneumatic Home Elevator in Bournemouth

We were approached by a couple from Bournemouth, Dorset who were refurbishing their home. They thought that while they were carrying out the refurbishment they should make their home more accessible. Similar to many properties in the area, the house is spread across 3 floors. The addition of a lift can really open up a home and future-proof it against anything life can throw. In this instance, the couple had seen photos of a pneumatic home elevator on our website and thought that was the best option for them. They wanted the lift to travel from the hallway on the ground floor to the first floor landing. The lift would then continue into the spare room which is situated on the second floor. 

The client chose the one person model of the pneumatic home elevator which has a diameter of 750mm. The lift was installed by two of our engineers in under a week. The lift travels just under 6 metres across the 3 floors with a rated load of 205kg. The structure is painted steel with curved perspex panels. The advantage that a pneumatic home elevator has over a more traditional lift is that they take up less space and can easily be added to a corner of a room. In addition the circular lift shaft can act a sun trap and allow light to flood throughout the house. The lift features a 520mm curved door on each floor. 

The client uses the lift to even more the vacuum cleaner  throughout the house and take the washing upstairs. They also use the lift to move small items of furniture as well as bags and suitcases. 

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Location: Dorset

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2014

Pneumatic Home Elevator in Bournemouth
Pneumatic Home Elevator Lift
Pneumatic Home Elevator UK

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