Pneumatic Home Lifts

Pneumatic home lifts offer a genuine alternative to the traditional hydraulic systems. They offer space saving functionality coupled with a modern look that make them a popular choice in today's market. The futuristic design makes pneumatic home lifts ideal for staircases and as a statement piece in the hallway of a home. 

The cylindrical design of the lift saves space compared with a traditional square/rectangular lift. This means it can fit in gaps where a traditional lift simply cannot. Properties that didn't have the space to previously have a lift can now have one. When space is at a premium, pneumatic home lifts can provide the necessary access to all floors of a home and fit within an architect's layout. More and more homeowners are building another level onto their homes or excavating their basement into useable space. A home lift can make it easy to access this added level(s) or can even be used to transport goods throughout the house.

The PVE lifts come in their own self-supporting structure which means they do not need a supporting wall like traditional drive systems. The modular design of the lift minimises builder's work and means installation can be completed in as little as 1-2 days. With its space-saving design, the PVE lift is perfect for houses spread over several floors but with limited space on each floor and can fit nearly anywhere in the home.

Pneumatic Home Lift in Modern Home
Pneumatic Home Lift in White
PVE Footprints
Pneumatic lift footprint
Internal and External Measurements of the PVE 30
Internal and external measurements of the PVE 37
Internal and external measurements of the PVE 52
Pneumatic Home Lifts for Staircases
PVE in Dining Room
Pneumatic Home Lifts Minimal Builder's Work
Pneumatic Lift Builder's Information
PVE Photo 5
PVE photo 6
Materials & Finishes
PVE Materials & Finishes
PVE Standard Colours
PVE Special Colours
PVE White Colour
PVE Navy Grey Colour
PVE Taupe Colour
PVE Light Grey Colour
PVE Black Colour
PVE in Staircase
Black Pneumatic Home Elevator
Pneumatic Lift Safety
Pneumatic Home Lift Safety
Pneumatic Lift in Reception Room
Pneumatic home lift in Taupe

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