Small Residential Lift in Witchampton

We were approached by a couple who lived in Witchampton, just North of Wimborne, because they were looking to have a small residential lift installed in their cottage. The couple were looking to make their cottage more accessible and provide another access route to the upstairs of their home that would be close to the master bedroom. The most feasible option was a small residential lift to the right of the front door - the major sticking point for the project was that the cottage had sloping ceilings and so reduced headroom on the first floor.

We designed and installed a small residential lift that was situated inside the cottage travelling 2550mm from beside the front door to the first floor landing, close to the master bedroom. Due to the reduced space and lack of headroom in the cottage the lift had a cabin that measured 850mm x 720mm and  height that measured 1100mm. The small residential lift was finished in a painted stainless steel structure with glass panels. The glass panels and white painted structure allowed in as much light as possible to dissipate from the window above the lift shaft on the first floor. We fitted the lift with glass swing landing doors so that they took up as little space as possible as well as letting as much light flood through the house.

Location: Dorset

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2017

Residential Glass Lift

Small Residential Lift in Painted Stainless Steel Shaft

Small Home Elevator

Small Domestic Lift in Witchampton - Ground Floor

Small House Lift

Small Home Elevator with Reduced Headroom

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