South Croydon

We were approached by a private client in South Croydon who were struggling to access the front door. The only route is via a steep garden path that snaked from the pavement level to the front door. In winter ice makes the path impassible and the risk of falls is extremely high. The client needed a way of getting from the pavement level to their house level safely and the only space available was in the single garage. We came up with an idea of having a lift in a fully enclosed glass and steel structure which would allow users to travel from inside the garage and then straight out onto the front door level. 

The lift travels a total of 3.8 metres and has a small ramp instead of a pit. The cabin measures 1100mm wide by 1400mm deep and is finished with polished stainless steel. This allows light to reflect down the lift shaft and into the garage below. We even designed and fabricated the walkway to allow a safe way of getting from the lift into their home. The size of the cabin allows the clients to drive their mobility scooters straight into the lift in the garage and then directly through their back door via the walkway. The walkway even has a roof so that the client is completely protected from the weather from garage to house. This ease of use allows shopping to be delivered and taken directly into their kitchen. We worked with the other trades on site to make sure that the lift and works were installed quickly so that the client could use the lift during the bad weather at the start of 2020. The lift was finished with foliage-like screening as the client was looking to grow several bushes and trailers around the structure. 

Location: Surrey

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020

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External lift going from the garage to the level of the front door with a custom-made walkway in South Croydon
Covered walkway linking the house with the lift
Walkway leading to the lift in South Croydon with polished stainless steel cabin
The lift has foliage-like screening to match the surrounding bushes in South Croydon
The lift structure was covered in foliage-like screening to match the surroundings bushes and climbers
The lift from inside the garage on the ground floor, the lift cam with automatic doors to make it easier to use
The lift offers access for mobility scooters to be driven directly into the home in South Corydon

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