St Mary’s Guildhall

St Mary's Guildhall is a medieval building that dates back to 14th Century and is situated in the centre of Coventry. The building is located opposite the old Cathedral and has played a prominent role throughout Coventry's history. The Grade I listed building last had a major refurbishment in the 1930s with smaller scale adaptations made in recent years. Oliver Architecture based in Birmingham led the design with Croft Building Contractors carrying out the major works. Both companies work extensively in the heritage buildings and conservation sector with projects across the West Midlands as well as nationwide. As part of the refurbishment Oliver Architecture were looking at including a discreet hidden platform lift to overcome a short rise as well as an enclosed platform lift to offer step free access to the first floor. 

We offer a wide range of hidden lift options that can be tailored to site requirements. We can also change the location of the platform whether its on the upper landing, part of the steps or on the lower landing. Our bespoke hidden wheelchair lifts can be used for rises up to 1500mm. For St Mary's Guildhall, we designed a standard 1100mm x 1400mm platform with two moving steps for the 420mm change in height. The lift requires a 600mm pit below the finished floor level and can be clad in any material most commonly stone up to 30mm thickness with a total load of 100kg across the platform. In this instance Yorkstone was used to match the surrounding flooring which provides a seamless finish. Due to the flexibility of the finish our hidden lifts are perfect for heritage and listed buildings where traditional platform lifts would look out of sorts.

The lift also features stainless steel roll off protection to the lower landing side.  The lift is finished with an on platform control column and remote control key fobs for use by members of staff when events are taking place at the Guildhall. 

The package also included an enclosed platform lift that offers step free access from the ground floor to the first floor. The lift features its own self-supporting shaft with a half height upper landing gate on the first floor. The lift shaft, platform and all cladding panels when finished in RAL 9005 - Jet Black to match the interior design accents through the building. 

As part of the works, Access Lifts were also awarded the enclosed platform lift providing access from the ground floor level to the Undercroft. 

Location: Coventry

Status: Ongoing

Year Completed: 2022

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Hidden Step Lift at St Mary's Guildhall in Coventry in the down position
The hidden lift at St Mary's Guildhall in travel
Hidden lift at St Mary's Guildhall in the up position
The hidden platform lift at St Mary's Guildhall, the lift offers step free access for wheelchair users
The hidden lift is finished with York stone to match its surroundings
When not in use the hidden lift is simply a set of steps
The hidden platform lift features a 100mm high stainless steel roll off protection

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Hidden Wheelchair Lift at Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

We were approached by interior designers Studio 63. They were the principal designers behind the refurbishment of 15 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, transforming it from Nobu to the new Il Borro Tuscan Bistro. The restaurant can trace its roots back to the Il Borro estate in Tuscany, Italy where the Ferragamo family have been producing fresh produce  as well as wine for generations. Il Borro Tuscan Bistro in London is the second international restaurant set up, with the first being opened in Dubai in 2017. As part of the design of the restaurant in London, there was a split level with the bar in the front portion of the building and the main restaurant area towards the back and on the first floor. 

The stairs consist of 3 risers totalling a vertical travel of 420mm and a horizontal travel of 400mm. A Part M compliant ramp would have to be over 5 metres in length for this rise. This would not only detract from the elegance of the restaurant but would also take up valuable space. Our hidden platform lifts require a shallow pit of only 155mm and can have a maximum vertical travel of 830mm and maximum horizontal travel of 900mm. With the plug and play design of these lifts, they can be installed, tested and handed over to the client in a matter of hours. 

The lift features key fob remote controls which are kept with front of house staff and at the bar so that when a customer comes to use the lift they can do so quickly and easily. In addition the lift does not feature any on platform controls which allow both staff and customers to both around the area of the lift without being impeded. Our hidden lifts feature a 22mm tray which can be fitted with any flooring, the same herringbone wooden floor was continued onto the lift allowing a seamless transition. The lift was finished with brass trims to match the brass and bronze accents seen throughout the restaurant. 

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Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2021

The lift is situated in front of the steps leading to the upper part of the restaurant
The hidden lift is in its down position
The invisible wheelchair lift is in its up position, meeting the upper landing
Step Lift at Il Borro London
Hidden platform lift with retractable barriers
The lift features retractable 100mm high protection around the edge of the platform
The bar at Il Borro Tuscan Bistro features bronze and brass accents
The hidden wheelchair lift features brass trims to match the brass accents on the bar
The lift allows access to the upper part fo the restaurant

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Cupboard Lift in Newbury

We were asked by the building contractor Calco to come and measure for a cupboard lift for their client in Newbury. The site was a newly built farmhouse and we were told that the client wanted a lift that would be easily disguised and concealed within their home. The main challenge was that the lift shaft was relatively narrow and so limited options were available.

We decided to install the Elfo by EP, due to its versatility and ability to be designed for even the smallest of spaces, the lift shaft measured 1150mm x 1500mm. The lift travelled 6m in total across 3 floors with 800mm swing doors fitted on each floor. On both the ground floor and 1st floor, the doors matched the others on the floor and so the lift looked as if it was simply another room or cupboard.

We completed the installation within 8 days and the lift was ready for the client to move into their new home.

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Location: Berkshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016


Cupboard Lift Disguised Behind Hallway Door
Cupboard Lift on 1st Floor Landing

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