Inclined Platform Lift in Kingswear

We were approached by a private client who had recently moved into a house in Kingswear, Devon. The challenge was creating a suitable access route from the street level to the front door level. The pathway consisted of a steep set of over 80 steps with a number of changes in gradient as well as various curves. It came apparent pretty quickly that the only suitable option would be to have an inclined platform lift that would follow the existing pathway. 

Using state of the art augmented reality plotting we are able to take incredibly accurate survey of the steps. This allows us to see every measurement of each individual step. We can even mark the surrounding walls of the pathway to make sure that the chosen platform size will be able to fit at every stage of the journey.  This is so important when undertaking complex inclined platform lifts like this project to make sure that every subtle curve is taken amount of. 

This platform stairlift included 7 changes of gradient as well as 4 curves across its 45 metre travel. The lift is fitted on its own stanchions so there is no need for a supporting wall. These stanchions were then fitted directly into the steps and pathway which means there was no builder's work. Both the lift and the stanchions are made out of stainless steel, realistically this is the only choice for any project by the sea. It also creates a smart finish which will remain the same overtime as well as increasing the longevity of the lift. 

All of our inclined platform lifts have a rated load of 300kg so are perfect for moving heavy items. Many of our clients use them for deliveries of heavy items such as white goods whilst others use them to carry their suitcases down when going on holiday.

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2021

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Inclined platform lift in Kingswear, Devon with a view of Dartmouth
The platform stairlift features a steep curved start to its run
The inclined platform lift comes with a foldable seat to allow a user to sit down
The platform stairlift folds up when not in use to leave the pathway clear
An augmented reality survey was used to make sure the chosen platform size would fit perfectly
All of our inclined platform lifts have a 300kg load
External platform stairlift in Kingswear, Devon
The lift measures 45 metres in length across over 80 steps with 7 changes of gradient and 4 curves
The lift is finished in stainless steel which is the only suitable material for a project this close to the sea

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Outdoor Inclined Platform Lift in Dartford, Kent

We were approached by a private client in Dartford, Kent who was looking to modify the existing disabled access route into his office. He wanted to replace the existing old rickety ramp (see below) which was difficult to manoeuvre on and travel up due to its steep angle with an easier system. With this in mind, we discussed the different options available to the client and we decided the best option moving forward was to install an outdoor inclined platform lift. The lift would have to be able to take the load of his electric-powered wheelchair as well as any wheelchairs used by any visitors to the different offices and businesses in the building. In addition to the lift we would fit a new set of wooden steps so that able-bodied people would still be able to use this route as a point of access.

We designed and installed an outdoor inclined platform lift with a platform measuring 800mm x 1250mm and a load capacity of up to 300kg. The lift travels a total distance of 1500mm. The large platform space allows for both the client's electric-powered wheelchair as well as smaller manual wheelchairs of visitors and workers of the other businesses within the building. Our engineers also fitted a new set of wooden steps so that able-bodied members of staff would also be able to use this access route. The outdoor inclined platform lift was finished in stainless steel so that it's resistant to all weather conditions.

Location: Kent

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2018

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Outdoor Inclined Platform Lift
Folded Outdoor Inclined Platform Lift
Inclined Platform Lift Replacing An Old Wooden Ramp
Old Wooden Ramp
New Inclined platform lift and wooden steps

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Inclined Platform Lift in Dartmouth

We were approached by a group of clients that wanted to find a way to get from the road to their house some 44 metres up a steep incline. An inclined platform lift would be an easy way to get to their homes as well as transport shopping and other heavy items to and from the houses. The lift would provide access for 3 homes that shared the same access route up the side of a hill in Dartmouth, Devon.

The only viable option for this particular challenge was to install an inclined platform lift however we had never installed anything this long before. Before we started we needed to photograph every step (all 87!) so we could produce a quality drawing for both the clients and the manufacturer. Due to the location’s proximity to the sea, both the lift and the complex supporting structure would have to be made out of the right materials to prevent any rusting or corrosion.

We chose to install a Hiro inclined platform lift, with the lift and the structure built using marine-grade stainless steel so that the system wouldn’t rust or weaken overtime. The lift was installed within 1 week and the clients are very happy.

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

Inclined Platform lift at Dartmouth
Curved Inclined Platform Lift
This inclined platform lift travelled over 44 metres in Dartmouth

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