We were approached by a private client in Weymouth who had converted a seaside house into large modern residential apartments spread across 3 floors. Seadown is in the Preston area of Weymouth and only a short walk to Overcombe beach. Many newly built or renovated properties by the sea such as this one have cutting edge designs and have to be built to very high specifications so that they can be easily sold. With this in mind many developers and building contractors are looking to future proof these types of homes as potential buyers expect these expensive properties to have a lift. Whether it is luxury apartments or a fully detached house, a small platform lift can add value to a home. It can be the difference between a property that gets snapped up straightaway and one that stays on the market for months. Our client had built his new property, Seadown, in this exact frame of mind and asked us to measure and design a lift for him as he had already built a lift shaft. For smaller properties that have half a dozen or so flats a conventional passenger lift can take up too much room which takes away valuable space in the flats. Our smaller platform lifts need less space both above and below the lift as well as having less moving parts so lower maintenance costs.

After measuring the lift shaft and submitting a drawing to the client we got the go ahead to order and then install the lift in the flats. The lift has a total travel distance of 6000mm across the 3 floors with an internal cabin of 1280mm x 1000mm. The lift was fitted with 5 automatic self closing doors across the 3 floors - the 800mm-wide doors were finished with smoked glass to match the modern decor of the property. The lift was fitted in under 2 weeks and now makes sure that the flats are accessible for all residents. It also makes it easier for residents to transport heavy goods to their flats and even shopping.

Location: Dorset

Status: Completed

Year Completed: 2015

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Lift with automatic glass doors in block of flats in Weymouth
Doors open to the lift in the apartment block in Weymouth
Lift with smoked glass automatic doors in Weymouth
Internal cabin of the lift in Weymouth
Stainless steel doors on the other entrance of the lift in Weymouth

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Small Passenger Lift in Townhouse in Mayfair

We were approached by Interiors with Art, a London based design and construction company as they were looking to incorporate a lift into one of their projects in Mayfair. We attended site to measure and provide a quotation for a small passenger lift that could service all 4 floors of the house. As with many of the Victorian townhouses found in the Mayfair area this building had been split into flats. Mayfair is an affluent area of West London and is situated just to the East of Hyde Park and West of the City of London. Lifts in townhouses in the Mayfair and Park Lane area are becoming more and more common as building and flat owners are looking to future proof their properties and our client was no different. In the current market, a building without a lift can be the reason a flat doesn't sell at the asking price or even sell at all. 

The architect wanted the small passenger lift to fit into the space that had been left behind after the dumbwaiter was removed. The lift would also have to have adjacent entries therefore would limit the interior cabin dimensions even more. The lift's interior measures 630 mm x 725 mm with photocells placed on the two sides of entry - this was to maximise the space inside the lift for the client. The total travel of the lift is over 10 metres across 4 floors and the maximum load of the lift is 300kg. The lift has 600mm wide swing landing doors with opaque glass windows and finished in the client's chosen RAL colour. The lift's interior was finished in polished stainless steel giving the feel that the lift was much larger than it actually was. The floor of the lift was fitted with the same marble tiling as the ground floor so there was a seamless transition from hallway to lift. 

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2017

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Small Passenger Lift in Flats in Mayfair
Small Passenger Lift with Marble Floor
Glass and steel door in dark grey in apartment block in Mount Street, London

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