Pennyhill Park Hotel

Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa is a luxury hotel situated across 120 acres in the heart of Surrey. The main house is a 19th century manor house with modern extensions added to the site over time. The hotel features a Michelin starred restaurant, Latymer, a more informal restaurant, Hillfield as well as further food and drink offerings. The hotel also features a 45,000 sq ft spa which includes a state-of-the-art fitness suite, over 20 treatment rooms and inside and outside swimming pools. 

During the first half of 2023, the hotel underwent extensive refurbishment works to the Terrace Wing creating a new destination within the hotel for luxury weddings. As part of the renovation the architect was looking at installing disabled access from one level to another across their marbled stairs. The architect wanted a solution which would blend in seamlessly with the stairs and would not ruin the aesthetic of a 5-star luxury hotel. More traditional options such as platform stairlifts would look completely out of place and would ruin the appearance of this part of the hotel. 

The option we proposed was a hidden platform lift which would incorporate the existing steps. When a visitor uses the lift, retractable shields raise at the upper landing and the lift descends to the lower landing. The steps also travel down creating a step free flat pathway onto the platform. The lift features a brushed stainless steel on platform control column and wireless radio control call and send landing controls. The platform and steps are clad with the same white marble as the rest of the staircase and upper and lower landings. This creates a discreet access solution with a clean attractive finish which doesn’t take away from the rest of the building. The lift was completed in time for the weddings booked in the Terrace Wing in June. 

Location: Surrey

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2023

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A white marble set of stairs with a hidden platform lift on the left side at Pennyhill Park Hotel
The upper landing of the hidden platform lift at Pennyhill Park Hotel
The platform lift completely lowers to the lower floor level to allow step free access for a wheelchair user
The hidden platform lift features retractable shields on the upper landing to prevent falls into the lift way
A view of the hidden platform lift in its lowered position from the lower floor level at Pennyhill Park Hotel
The view from the lower landing of the white marble steps with the lift in its up position
A view from the lower landing of the whole set of white marble steps with the lift in its lowered position

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Hidden Lifts at the Devonshire Club

An exclusive members' club in Devonshire Square in the City of London asked us to come up with plans to fit both an outside step lift and a platform lift within the lobby. The Devonshire Club needed products that would fit in with the club's appearance with a blend of traditional and modern decor. The Devonshire Club features 3 large bars, 2 lounges and plenty of outdoor space in particular a large stone laid terrace and garden. The club also features restaurants and 68 rooms available to both members and non-members with the usual functions rooms and event spaces available for conferences and meetings. 

SUSD, the firm behind the project, were looking for an  indoor platform lift to be installed between the reception and main bar so that disabled guests could make use of the club's facilities. The difference in floor level was 1000mm and the client did not want a cumbersome platform lift so instead chose one of our products. The lift was installed in a mirrored glass shaft to match the building's existing wall. In addition, the lift's platform was finished with the original stone flooring so that the platform disappears into the floor on the ground floor. The door into the bar area was made out of hard wood to match the bar's decor for a stunning finish.

In addition to the lift connecting the reception and bar, the client needed an outdoor step lift so that guests could enjoy the winter gardens that are situated outside of the club. As the travel for the lift was only small, we installed another platform lift which matched the stone laid terrace. This lift is extremely versatile as well as being rugged and the original flooring or tiles can be used so the lift can become hidden in plain sight. The lift was finished with a glass door to match the glass balustrade of the rest of the terrace. The client was extremely pleased with the finished of both lifts and how seamlessly they blended into the building's aesthetics.

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2015

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Hidden lift at the bar entrance at the Devonshire Club, London
Hidden platform lift at the Devonshire Club linking the entrance with the bar
Hidden platform lift in the winter garden at the Devonshire Club
Outside Hidden Lift at the Devonshire Club
Hidden Lift in the Winter Garden at the Devonshire Club
Platform lift with glass door

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