About Access Lifts

We offer a truly bespoke service, we know that two projects are never the same and our range of products and finishes highlights that. Our Directors have over thirty years' experience in the supply and installation of lifts for all types of purpose and in all types of location. We pride ourselves in sourcing our lifts from the best manufacturers worldwide to ensure that each lift that we install is exactly right for its planned use and location.

Our service is a personal one, and most of our business comes to us by way of recommendation, from either a homeowner, a professional practitioner or a buildings and estate manager. It is our policy always to be punctual, and our engineers and office staff have been selected, not only for their professional engineering or administration expertise but also for the friendly and courteous way that they conduct themselves. All our site staff respect our customers' privacy and confidentiality, and we operate a strict no smoking at all times.

Although specialists in our own field we try to keep technical jargon to a minimum. We offer a wide selection of lifts and so even if a project is complex or challenging we always have a solution.


Directors of Access Lifts, Rob and Jane Edwards

The finish of our lifts blends harmoniously with their surroundings, and in many cases you would not even know that a particular door or cupboard had a lift behind it. Our lift solutions are ingenious and innovative, and most of all economical and affordable. We enjoy good relations with all the premier lift manufacturers, and have been the first to bring lifts that demonstrate cutting edge technology and design to the UK.

We work regularly with local authorities, housing associations and councils as well as many charities, benevolent funds and occupational therapists. Our head office is located in Wimborne, Dorset and we offer a nationwide service. We can design, supply and install lifts for a wide range of purposes and locations: in homes, in factories and offices, hotels and restaurants, historic buildings, schools, leisure centres, theatres and lifts and hoists for medical and therapy use. All our lifts are tailored to their usage and surroundings. Please contact us for further information or a quote.

Below is a map showing a selection of our projects around the country, some of these will have project descriptions as well as important information such as platform dimensions and travel heights. To find out more about on our different projects hover over the projects tab in the menu and select the category which you're looking for.