Lifts in Commercial Buildings

Platform & Step Lifts

We know that accessibility is of paramount importance in commercial buildings, everyone should be able to get into the office hassle free. In large cities where space is extremely limited a large ramp leading into a building's reception or lobby takes up too much valuable space and looks ugly especially against a modern building. We offer a number of lifts for offices in addition to lifts in commercial buildings. We supply platform lifts as well as specialist step lifts that can be an easy and attractive option without taking up much space and not breaking the bank. A small platform lift can future proof any commercial building and with a number of styles and finishes to choose from we can find the right lift for you whether you're an architect, building contractor or business owner.

We even provide specialist scissor platform lifts that disappear into the ground as well as a set of stairs that completely collapse flat to create a platform lift. This option is great for when you want to keep an existing stairway but need to provide a disabled access solution for example in a building with significant historic importance. We can even use the existing stairs materials so you wouldn't know they were there!

Click on the photos below to find out more about the lifts pictured and to read their project descriptions.

Discover More Centre at the National Army Museum
Outside Disabled Access Lift
Hidden platform lift at 200 Gray's Inn Road
Platform lift at Seven Dials Warehouse
Platform lift at Venture House, Reading
Office Platform Lift for Southwark Council


Passenger & Goods Lifts

We offer a large variety of passenger and enclosed platform lifts in commercial buildings for offices and flats to lobby entrances. We have the perfect lift to suit your vision and to show the character of the building with a number of finishes available. Our lifts can blend into the facade of a block of flats or become the enticing feature of offices. In addition, they can be used as goods lifts to move heavy items between floors. We can design and fit bespoke disabled access lifts where a conventional passenger lift wouldn't fit. We also offer a range of finishes so that the lift you choose can really make a statement and be the centrepiece of a lobby with a stainless steel structure and pinned glass lift shaft or we can create a finish with your existing materials so that the lift simply blends in with the rest of the building's facade.

We also provide goods lifts in commercial buildings for a variety of functions whether its an access point for deliveries into the building or to supply a way for kitchen staff to transport food throughout a building. We have a number of different products that we can tailor to your own ideas and how you want to use the lift. 

Click on the photos below to find out more about the lifts pictured and to read their project descriptions.

Disabled Access Lift in the British Library
Glass Lift at Meriden Hall
Goods Lift for CBRE in Paternoster Square

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