Lifts in Theatres and Lifts for Stages

We recognise that it can be difficult to modify a theatre to accommodate a lift, that’s why we have an extensive range of different products that can neatly fit into the tightest of spaces. In addition we understand that many theatres are historic or listed buildings and so minimal disruption to the building is a number one priority. As experts in our field we always source the right product for the job. Our lifts in theatres come in a variety of finishes and styles and so can seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of their surroundings. We know that theatres have busy schedules therefore we can operate flexible working hours as not to disrupt any productions taking place in the theatre.

Platform & Step Lifts

If access is needed between two floor levels then a step or platform lift is a perfect fit, we offer both temporary solutions that can be wheeled out of the way for storage and permanent fixtures that can be finished to match the theatres aesthetics. Our platform and step lifts in theatres are affordable and can be fitted quickly in time before the opening of a new production. In addition, if disabled access is needed onto the stage itself, our step lifts are easy to use and can be fitted quickly so that the stage can accommodate everyone. We can even use your existing materials for the lift flooring and panels so the lift seamlessly blends into the surrounding theatre.

For more information about platform lifts in theatres click on the following links:

York Theatre Royal | The Point, Eastleigh

York Theatre Royal

Wheelchair Platform Lift at the York Theatre Royal

The Point, Eastleigh

Wheelchair Lift at The Point, Eastleigh

Passenger Lifts

If a theatre is spread across many floors, a passenger lift can be perfect for getting customers and staff from the lobby to the Gods. We offer a service where lifts in theatres can be placed in an original lift shaft or stairwell or even in its own structure, with a number of finishes available. Our lifts allow everyone to access every part of the theatre so disabled guests can enjoy a production from anywhere in the auditorium. Our lifts in theatres can be styled so that they seamlessly blend into their surroundings and really bring out the character of a theatre. In contrast, their appearance can be striking and bold as to make the lift a centrepiece in a theatre entrance or lobby.

To find out more information about our projects for passenger lifts in theatres click on the following links:

York Theatre Royal | National Theatre

York Theatre Royal

Passenger Lift at York Theatre Royal

National Theatre

Disabled Passenger Lift at the National Theatre

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