Lifts on Boats, Lifts for Planes & Lifts for Trains

We offer a wide range of access solutions for a number of different modes of transport. We know that wheelchair users find it increasingly difficult to access different modes of transport. Whether its public transport or a private project we can advise you of the options available to you and turn your vision into a reality. In particular we specialise in disabled access lifts on boats and yachts. We supply portable train lifts for an easy way for wheelchair users to embark and disembark trains especially when space is limited and the gap between the train floor and platform is high. We also supply and install lifts for aircraft, if an airport doesn’t have an existing skybridge then it can be very difficult to provide disabled access.

Lifts on Boats

We specialise in lifts on boats, from sailing yachts to cruise liners, with our previous work dealing with both original boat builders as well as refurbishment companies and private boat owners. Our lifts on boats are innovative and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Our previous clients have had difficulty in embarking and disembarking their boats and so have come to us to find a way to enjoy their most valuable possessions. A simple step lift has overcome these issues and led to clients being able to enjoy their pride and joy again.

All our lifts on boats can be finished to match the original decking and style of your boat or yacht. In addition most of our systems are fitted below the deck level and so the lift will not be seen until it’s in use and then simply disappear below deck again. For more information about our marine platform lifts click on the following links: Marine Platform Lift for Ribs and and Platform Lift on a Speedboat.  We also completed a project for the Gloriana, the Royal Barge that was created for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2013, the Gloriana was used by the Help For Heroes charity on the day of the Jubilee, to learn more about that project click here Royal Barge – Gloriana.


Speedboat with Marine Platform Lift
Wheelchair Lift for Speedboats
Marine Platform Lift for Ribs

Lifts for Planes & Airports

We offer a range of lifts for use in airports and on airport runways for boarding and disembarking airplanes. At some regional airports, access to planes can be troublesome and the only equipment that is available is stairs. Our lifts assist wheelchair users and allow them to board the plane without any difficulties.

In addition to direct plane access, we offer a range of platform, step and passenger lifts for general access around the airport. We can design passenger lifts that can provide wheelchair access across 2 or more floors in the terminal both land and air sides. We can also design platform and step lifts if there is a split level in the terminal or if you need access down a small set of steps. Our lifts are designed with the customer at the centre of the project so we can put your vision into reality whether you’re an architect, building contractor or an airport manager.

Aircraft Lift
Wheelchair Lift for Planes

Lifts for Trains

The step level between the platform and the train can sometimes be too great for many passengers, those in wheelchairs, those who find it difficult to walk and those with push chairs. We’ve seen differences on Britain’s railways measuring over 500m, which isn’t feasibly possible for any wheelchair users. In particular, rural stations often have the greatest differences between train carriage and platform level. This in combination with limited platform space means that ramps simply aren’t feasible.  The ongoing HS2 project also affects the train floor height. HS2 platforms are set to be lower than the current standard height in the UK, with the current platform height at 915mm and HS2’s at 760mm. This means the gap between the train and platform is only going to increase. For example a 500mm difference between the train floor heightened platform would require a disabled ramp of at least 6 metres long and so can be highly impractical and difficult to manoeuvre.

A simple solution that we offer is the portable train lift. This lift can be stored on the station platform and then wheeled out when access to and from the train is required. This is an affordable option compared with having to rebuild or renovate platforms so that they meet the train’s floor level. In addition the lift’s height can be moved up to a metre high so the lift can cope with different train heights at the same platform.


Portable Train Lift
Portable Wheelchair Lift for Trains

For more information about our boat, plane and train lifts click here and to see more pictures of our work click here