Lifts in Schools, Colleges & Universities

Disabled access is a necessity in a school, college or university so that disabled students as well as members of staff that use wheelchairs can get around the school hassle free. Lifts in schools can be simple and affordable answers to what can be a difficult problem and ensure that each and every student gets the best education possible. Whether it be a couple of steps to access a new block or extension or to access several floors of an existing building we can provide you with the solution.

Step Lifts

Step lifts in schools can bridge the gap between two floor levels so that a wheelchair user can quickly and easily move from one class to another. Step lifts are an affordable option that can be fitted and installed very quickly to cause minimal disruption to the busy schedule of a school. We also offer step lifts in schools that can be moved into position when needed for use in the case of special events and then stored away for the remainder of the time. Our step lifts have a maximum travel of 3m so would be the solution of you need to provide access across two floors. For greater travel distances you will need a platform lift.

To see some of our completed step lift projects in schools, colleges and universities check out our Manchester Metropolitan University, Thomas Gainsborough, The American School, King’s College London and Newcastle University projects.

Temporary Step Lift
Platform Lift for Manchester Met University
Platform Lift for Manchester Metropolitan University

Platform Lifts

If disabled students or staff need to be able to reach several floors of the school then an enclosed platform lift is the solution. Our platform lifts in schools can be fitted internally, in a lift shaft, or externally in their own structure, fitted to the outside of the building. Our range comes with a number of finishes and are robust so can handle the wear and tear of school life.

The lifts take very little time or disruption to install and the on-going cost to run is inexpensive as the lift runs on a 240 volt and hydraulic system. Maintenance is also less than a conventional lift as it has fewer parts. We provide lifts that are affordable and can keep up with the general hustle and bustle of school life. For more information about our platform lifts in schools, colleges and universities check out our Bitterne Park School, St Gabriel’s School, Bristol University and Cardiff University projects.

Disabled Platform Lift for Bristol University
External School Lift
School Platform Lift

Hoists & Slings

Hoists and slings can be used to assist in the movement and handling of disabled pupils within the medical room. It can make medical observation and diagnosis easier for a school’s nurse or medical professional. In addition if a school has a swimming pool then a simple hoist can be installed to help in lowering a disabled pupil into the swimming. The hoist can be relocated to other locations such as changing rooms to assist the pupil in any way possible.

For more information about our school and college lifts click here and to see more pictures of our work click here

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