Lifts in Hotels, Restaurants and Shops

We know that it can be difficult to create disabled access in hotels, restaurants and retail shops. Hotels want to keep main entrances and lobbies uncluttered and can have little space inside for lifts as they're maximising space for rooms. Restaurants find it difficult to create disabled access due to tricky stairways and single swing doors whilst trying to cater for as many covers as possible. And shops are trying to maximising their sales' floor so they can sell more of their products to their customers. We can design lifts that can fit in the tightest spaces and we can even design solutions that can be used by able bodied customers in one instance then turn into a lift for wheelchair users in the next.

Platform & Step Lifts

If you have a small distance between floor levels or perhaps a couple of steps that customers need to get over then a small platform lift or step lift could be the ideal solution for your business. Hotels, restaurants and shops are customer centric businesses that need to cater for a customer's every need. If there are a handful of steps between the floor level and the entrance to your hotel, restaurant or shop then you need to provide some sort of disabled access solution. We provide a wide array of platform and step lifts that can be designed to your unique criteria and can even use your existing materials so the lift seamlessly blends into its surroundings. When you think of lifts in hotels you generally think of large passenger lifts spread over several floors.

However lifts in hotels can come in many guises, small platform lifts are becoming more common with hotels offering step free access from the moment a customer arrives. Restaurant owners can sometimes find it difficult to provide disabled access due to the small amount of space at entrances as well as trying to fulfil the restaurant's potential by trying to maximise covers. Small platform lifts in restaurants can provide the vital disabled access needed but when not in use merge with the floor and so don't take up any physical space. Shop and boutique owners are in a similar situation as they look to provide as much as sales floor as possible without cutting off any potential disabled customers. We are specialists in designing bespoke products that are tailored around your needs. For examples of our platform and step lifts in hotels, restaurant and retail sector click on the following links:

Sissinghurst Castle Garden | Wagamama Wigmore Street | Hotel du Vin Poole |  Audi Northampton | Devonshire Square in London | Cheltenham Racecourse

Which is better, a lift or a ramp?

Wagamama Wigmore Street

Glass Platform Lift in Wagamama, Wigmore Street

Cheltenham Racecourse

Outside Lift at Cheltenham Racecourse

Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Hidden lift at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Devonshire Club

Hidden Wheelchair Lift in Hotel

Hotel du Vin Poole

Passenger Lifts

If you have a greater distance that you want your lift to travel or if your hotel, restaurant or shop is spread over 2 or more floors then a conventional passenger lift or enclosed platform lift will be more suitable. Passenger lifts in hotels are necessary due to the nature of the buildings so that customers can easily get to their rooms and transport their luggage. We also design and install passenger lifts and enclosed platform lifts for restaurants and bars. We are now finding more and more restaurants and bars situated on rooftops spread across the main towns and cities of the country therefore lifts in bars and restaurants are becoming more prominent. Lifts in the retail sector are not exclusively for large department stores or shopping centres with more independent shops investing in a lift to maximise their sales floor. If your showroom or boutique is split across two floors then a platform lift can be an attractive and cost effective option. Ramps can be sometimes be cumbersome and can look completely out of place as well as taking up vital sales space.

For examples of our completed passenger lifts in the hotels, restaurants and retail sector click on the following links:

 Optique 2000 in Wimborne | The Boathouse at Hythe Marina | Modus in London | Cotswold Dairies

Retail Lift in Local Opticians
Glass Lift in Hotel Lobby
Wheelchair Platform Lift in Opticians

For more information about our lifts in the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors click here and to see more pictures of our work click here