Lifts in Listed Buildings, Historic Buildings and Visitor Attractions

We specialise in designing and supplying lifts in listed buildings and historic buildings, especially the more remote and difficult to reach properties. We have a range of bespoke exterior lifts with or without their self-supporting structure, that blend in seamlessly with the building’s aesthetic. If space is at a premium and aesthetics are very important we can “hide” a lift behind an original door or its replica so it blends in without any obvious change to the building.

Platform & Step Lifts

We offer a wide range of platform and step lifts for all uses and functions within buildings of historic importance as well as listed buildings. Whether it's simply 3 or 4 small steps or over several floors, we can create and design lifts in listed buildings that blend perfectly within the property without disrupting any original features or architecture.

On the majority of our products we can use your existing materials such as oak panelling or even wooden floorboards so that our lifts blend seamlessly into your buildings. If you have a very small step and cannot install a ramp due to the space available we can install a specialist system that lowers to the existing floor and can incorporate your existing flooring. Our lifts can be finished in the style you select so you'll always get a product that looks the part and meets your expectations.

We offer a collapsing stairway for those places where stairs and disabled access are needed in the same place. The collapsing stairs is perfect for historical and listed buildings where keeping original features is paramount to the work. It causes minimal disruption and the original stairs/steps' material can be used so that the lift seemingly blends into its surroundings. When the lift is in its default "stair" position you wouldn't even know that there was a lift incorporated into the structure. To find out more about our hidden lifts click here.

This product is perfect for buildings such as museums where there can be a high volume of people walking between exhibitions but allows for complete, uninterrupted access for disabled people as well. In addition for a busy building entrance where space is at a premium, this lift can be the perfect solution.

To find out more information about our completed projects in historic and listed buildings click on the following links or click on the photos below:

Lincoln CathedralSissinghurst Castle GardenHotel du Vin PooleMorelands Riverside | National Army Museum | Baltic Centre | York Theatre Royal | Gloriana

Lincoln Cathedral

Hidden Traversing Lift at Lincoln Cathedral

Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Hidden lift at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

National Army Museum

Platform Lifts at the National Army Museum

Morelands Riverside

Inclined Platform Lift for Blackbottle in Grade II Listed Building

York Theatre Royal

York Theatre Royal Lift

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Hidden Lift at the Baltic Centre

Passenger Lifts

We offer a wide range of passenger and enclosed platform lifts for listed and historic buildings. We understand it can be difficult for architects and construction managers to fit lifts into their projects. With rules and regulations preventing significant alterations to listed properties, some solutions have to be very inventive. We can design and install lifts in listed buildings in the tightest of spaces, you'd be surprised at how small the space can be. Whether it's a cupboard or a stairwell we can install lifts in listed buildings with minimal disruption to the building and surrounding area. In addition to the size of the lift, we also offer a wide range of finishes so your vision is always brought to life and the lift matches the property's aesthetics. We also have experience of taking original antique lifts and then retrofitting them onto modern lifts. For example stripping oak panelling from Victorian lifts and fitting onto modern lifts as well as designing custom made mahogany push buttons to match the original materials of the property. 

To find out more information about our completed projects in historic and listed buildings click on the following links:

Lincoln Cathedral | The Newt in SomersetYork Theatre Royal | British Library | Dancing Man Brewery | National Theatre

Lincoln Cathedral

Passenger Lift at Lincoln Cathedral

British Library

Glass Lift at the British Library

The Newt in Somerset

Lift at The Newt in Somerset

York Theatre Royal

Passenger Lift at The York Theatre Royal

Dancing Man Brewery

Lift at the Dancing Man Brewery

For more information about our historic and listed buildings projects click here and to see more pictures of our work click here