Disabled Platform Lift for Bristol University

We were approached by Portakabin who were looking to install a disabled platform lift for Bristol University. Portakabin create modular and temporary buildings with an emphasise on the education sector. Portakabin can set up their buildings in a matter of days and weeks which makes them ideal for schools and universities when they're renovating or moving sites. The University were looking to expand their teaching space whilst renovating their existing buildings. During the renovation works the University instructed Portakabin to build a number of new lecture halls and seminar rooms. The new block would help ease overcrowding in the existing buildings and make up for a lack of teaching space. We have worked with Portakabin on a number of sites across the country. The majority of these are made up of schools, colleges and universities. Similar to previous projects, Portakabin wanted a disabled platform lift for Bristol University that would provide access to the first floor.

Portakabin wanted the lift to fix to the outside of the building adjacent to the entrance. The lift was fitted in its own external aluminium shaft with both points of entry on the same side. The lift travels over 3.5 metres across the two floors, with the cabin platform measuring 1100mm x 1400mm. The lift shaft was painted in RAL colour 7015 to match the rest of the building. The disabled platform lift has a rated load of 300kg, which means it can take even the heaviest of electric buggies. 

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Location: Bristol

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2018

Disabled Platform Lift for Bristol University
Disabled Platform Lift for Bristol University

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