Sports & Leisure Clubs

We’ve worked with a number of sports clubs, leisure centres as well as other sports events businesses such as golf courses, racecourses and stadia. In order to make sport (whether that be playing or watching) more accessible to everyone we off a wide range of lifts and purpose built lifting equipment. From passenger lifts in clubhouses on 18th green to swimming pool hoists, we’ve got you covered.

Platform Lifts

Sometimes the difference between someone having a great view of an event and not being able to see it all, can be a few inches. Our platform lifts are designed so that two floor levels can be easily accessed by wheelchair users and so every sports fan can experience the atmosphere whether its at the local cricket club or at big raceday. Our range of platform lifts, with a maximum travel of 3M, are perfect for bridging the gap where a traditional passenger lift is not needed but disabled access is. They’re quick to install and easy to use so can be up and running in time for your busy sporting calendars

The platform lifts that we install are specially coated and so are perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. They can even be used in sub zero temperatures and are extremely resistant to all weather conditions so can be used even when the weather is bad.

For more information on our platform lifts for leisure and sports centres, please read our Cheltenham Racecourse project.

LP5 @ Cheltenham Race Course

Step Lift at Cheltenham Racecourse

LP5 @ Cheltenham RC door open

Step Lift at Cheltenham Racecourse - Open

LP5 Cheltenham RC side view

Racecourse Lift offering disabled access to unrestricted views of the racing

Passenger Lifts

We offer a wide range of small passenger lifts for sports clubs and leisure centres where platform lifts cannot cover the necessary distance. We know that many sports clubs and leisure centres can be split over several floors and so disabled access to all floors is a necessity, we offer affordable solutions that don’t need to break the bank.

Passenger lifts allow everyone to gain access to the upper floor of a golf course’s clubhouse or even the upper levels of sporting stadia so that can truly experience the occasion. In addition, sports clubs often have function rooms that can go unused due to their lack of accessibility, a small passenger lift could be the answer and they cost less than you think. In this way, a small passenger lift is a real investment and can expand a small sports club to an events space. Our large selection of finishes and styles makes sure you get the right lift for you as well as matching your vision and the building’s aesthetics.

For examples of our passenger lifts in sports and leisure clubs as well as at sporting events check out our Cams Hall Golf Club, Olympics and Dartford Cricket Club projects.

Golf Club Lift

Golf Club Lift Overlooking 18th Green

Sporting Events Lift

Passenger Lift at the Olympic Park

Olympics Lift

Passenger Lift at the Olympics

For more information about our completed sports clubs projects click here and to see more pictures of our work click here

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