We were approached by a private client in Bosham near Chichester in West Sussex because they were looking to fit a residential glass lift to the outside of their new home. The house had recently been built as part of a small development of half a dozen homes near to the Solent. They were looking to adapt their new home to make it wheelchair accessible and chose to install a residential glass lift to the outside of the house. The client wanted a lift that was in keeping with the surrounding village's style but also matched the house's modern aesthetics.

We designed and installed the lift in an external white structure in the the client's back garden - the lift was fitted to the outside wall with doors from the lounge on the ground floor and directly into one of the bedrooms on the first floor. The lift's interior measures 1000mm x 1200mm giving surplus room for the client to use the lift in their wheelchair. The lift's walls were finished in white with a half height mirror to the rear of the cabin to offer a spacious feel. We worked with the architect and builder to redesign the soffit and roof join between the lift and the house as the lift structure is slightly taller than the soffit. The lift has a total travel of 3300mm across the two floors with entry to the lift only on one side and a safe working load of up to 400kg. The lift was finished with opaque glass to add privacy from the neighbouring houses.

Location: West Sussex 

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

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Residential Glass Lift in Chichester
Interior Cabin of Residential Glass Lift in Bosham
Opaque Glass Domestic Lift in Bosham
Before the lift was installed in Bosham
Outside glass lift in Bosham near Chichester

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Outdoor Wheelchair Lift for Elm Yard, Elm Street

We were asked by Mace to supply and fit an outdoor wheelchair lift for an office refurbishment that they were contracted for. Elm Yard, owned by The Great Ropemaker Partnership, a 50:50 venture between Great Portland Estates plc and Ropemaker Properties Ltd (part of the BP Pension Fund Ltd), is situated on Elm Street between Gray’s Inn Road and Exmouth Market in central London. The new collaborative workspace boasts over 50,000 sq ft across 12 floors of premium offices in the heart of one of London’s most vibrant districts. Clerkenwell is a stylish area of London with an abundance of creative and technology companies. Office space in the district is usually made up of refurbished Victorian townhouses and industrial warehouses. We met with the Project Manager in order to discuss the different options available. We decided the best option would be an outdoor wheelchair lift on the left hand side of the steps that would provide access to the newly built reception.
Mace wanted the lift to be able to withstand consistent daily use as well as look stylish against the new refurbishment. We chose to install a lift that has three glass sides as well as a glass gate. The prominence of glass matches the reception and gives the lift a very modern look. The structural components of the outdoor wheelchair lift were made out of stainless steel which looks great as well as preventing any rust or damage to the lift over the time. The stainless steel even matches the adjacent hand rails to give a sleek consistent finish. The lift travels over 500mm with platform dimensions of 900mm x 1400mm. Its rated load is 280kg which means it can take even the heaviest of electric buggies. 

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

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Outdoor Wheelchair Lift - Elm Yard
Outdoor Wheelchair Platform Lift - Elm Yard
Outdoor Wheelchair Lift - Elm Yard

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We were approached by a private client in Weymouth who had converted a seaside house into large modern residential apartments spread across 3 floors. Seadown is in the Preston area of Weymouth and only a short walk to Overcombe beach. Many newly built or renovated properties by the sea such as this one have cutting edge designs and have to be built to very high specifications so that they can be easily sold. With this in mind many developers and building contractors are looking to future proof these types of homes as potential buyers expect these expensive properties to have a lift. Whether it is luxury apartments or a fully detached house, a small platform lift can add value to a home. It can be the difference between a property that gets snapped up straightaway and one that stays on the market for months. Our client had built his new property, Seadown, in this exact frame of mind and asked us to measure and design a lift for him as he had already built a lift shaft. For smaller properties that have half a dozen or so flats a conventional passenger lift can take up too much room which takes away valuable space in the flats. Our smaller platform lifts need less space both above and below the lift as well as having less moving parts so lower maintenance costs.

After measuring the lift shaft and submitting a drawing to the client we got the go ahead to order and then install the lift in the flats. The lift has a total travel distance of 6000mm across the 3 floors with an internal cabin of 1280mm x 1000mm. The lift was fitted with 5 automatic self closing doors across the 3 floors - the 800mm-wide doors were finished with smoked glass to match the modern decor of the property. The lift was fitted in under 2 weeks and now makes sure that the flats are accessible for all residents. It also makes it easier for residents to transport heavy goods to their flats and even shopping.

Location: Dorset

Status: Completed

Year Completed: 2015

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Lift with automatic glass doors in block of flats in Weymouth
Doors open to the lift in the apartment block in Weymouth
Lift with smoked glass automatic doors in Weymouth
Internal cabin of the lift in Weymouth
Stainless steel doors on the other entrance of the lift in Weymouth

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York Theatre Royal

We were approached by the architect, De Matos Ryan, who were designing the refurbishment of the Grade II listed York Theatre Royal. A grand building that is the centre of York's arts scene. The theatre is located in the centre of York in the shadow of the minster. The £6 million refurbishment included completely redesigning the social spaces outside of the main theatre buildings. Within these works, the client needed two lifts, a main lift to access the four floors of the building as well as a platform lift to link the main lobby area with the café. We worked with the principal contractor, William Birch & Sons, to deliver this project. We are currently working with William Birch & Sons to deliver 4 different lifts at Lincoln Cathedral whilst we have worked with De Matos Ryan at the British Library and in the refurbishment of private homes in some of London and the South East's premium locations. 

Due to the nature of the building there were certain limitations with regards to the design of the lift. There were a number of stone features that could not be touched or changed.  The redesign of the theatre meant that there were a number of balconies and mezzanine floors with 4 different floor levels across around 5 metres of travel. The lift itself has 3 different access points so that all of these mezzanine levels could be accessed. The lift was finished in glass and brushed stainless steel to add a modern contrast to the more traditional limestone features surrounding it. The prominence of glass on the lift allows light to flood down the shaft into what is a fairly dark area which has little natural light sources. All the doors of the lift were automatic two-panel glass doors with brushed stainless steel frames. This compliments the modern aesthetic of the lift and allows the easiest and quickest access for all users. The lift is compliant with Part M with a 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep cabin and a horizontal control panel making it easier to use for wheelchair users. 

The second lift is an open platform lift which links the main lobby area to the newly refurbished café adjacent to the main spiral staircase. The lift is finished with glass panels within a black steel frame, this gives a modern sleek appearance with simple constant pressure controls. 

Location: Yorkshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2016

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The entrance at York Theatre Royal
The main lift at York Theatre Royal
Outside façade of the York Theatre Royal
Main lift in the lobby at York Theatre Royal
Inner lobby area of the York Theatre Royal
Third floor of the main lift at York Theatre Royal
Internal cabin of the glass lift at York Theatre Royal
Glass and stainless steel lift in the York Theatre Royal
Upper landing of the platform lift at York Theatre Royal
Platform lift linking the lobby with the main cafe
Open platform lift providing access to the main cafe at York Theatre Royal

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Home Lift in External Glass Lift Shaft in Branksome Park

We were approached by a private client in the Branksome Park area of Poole who wanted to install a home lift with an external structure attached to the side of his house. The lift would help both him and his wife travelling floor to floor but would also future proof his home. He wanted a modern style to match the newly built house with glass being a prominent feature of his overall idea.

We measured and designed a lift and external structure that would be adjacent to the house with 3 points of entry all on the same side of the lift shaft. We fitted an EP Elfo with cabin dimensions of 1100mm x 830mm which travelled a distance of over 6 metres across 3 floors in its own lift shaft. The steel structure was painted dark grey and was then finished with smoked glass on the 3 external sides. The presence of a majority glass lift structure matched the modern aesthetics of the building and the addition of the smoked effect lends itself to privacy when using the lift. The lift was fitted with 3 triple glazed swing landing doors so that both the house and the lift shaft remained warm with no draughts or loss of heat. To ensure that the lift was warm and comfortable to use even in the winter months or at night we fitted a small heater so that the lift shaft would be a pleasant temperature.

Location: Dorset

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2015

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External Home Lift in Branksome Park
Home Lift with Frosted Glass Doors
External Glass Lift Shaft
Glass Home Lift in Poole - 1st Floor
Smoked Glass External Lift Structure

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Outdoor Platform Lift in Minehead, Somerset

We were approached by a couple in Minehead, Somerset who were looking to make their home more accessible. As with many of our customers, they didn't want to move from their lovely home and downsize to a smaller house such as a bungalow. In addition the house is situated on the hillside above Minehead and the view from their home is fantastic. They had lived in the area for many years and their family loved to come visit on holiday therefore they really wanted to stay put. They were looking for an outdoor platform lift that would not only make it easier to access their home but also help move heavy objects such as bins from the house to the garage and driveway.

Our team met with the couple to discuss the different options available and to perform a survey of the front of the house. We designed and installed the outdoor platform lift rising from outside the garage to the patio area adjacent to the house's porch. This meant that the second garage could still be used as the lift does not require a pit. The lift travels just under 3 metres floor to floor with a platform measuring 1100mm x 1400mm, allowing plenty of room to move bins and other heavy items. The outdoor platform lift is made out of 316L stainless steel making sure it doesn't rust or corrode over time and ensures the lift is in working order for several years. The side panels are made from hardened glass providing a spacious feel and modern look whilst being completely solid.

The client said that she is "thrilled with the lift and visiting folks are very impressed, especially the Tesco delivery man!"

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Location: Somerset

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2018

Outdoor Platform Lift
Outside Platform Lift in Devon
Outdoor Glass Platform Lift in Minehead
External Glass Platform Lift

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Pneumatic Home Elevator in Bournemouth

We were approached by a couple from Bournemouth, Dorset who were refurbishing their home. They thought that while they were carrying out the refurbishment they should make their home more accessible. Similar to many properties in the area, the house is spread across 3 floors. The addition of a lift can really open up a home and future-proof it against anything life can throw. In this instance, the couple had seen photos of a pneumatic home elevator on our website and thought that was the best option for them. They wanted the lift to travel from the hallway on the ground floor to the first floor landing. The lift would then continue into the spare room which is situated on the second floor. 

The client chose the one person model of the pneumatic home elevator which has a diameter of 750mm. The lift was installed by two of our engineers in under a week. The lift travels just under 6 metres across the 3 floors with a rated load of 205kg. The structure is painted steel with curved perspex panels. The advantage that a pneumatic home elevator has over a more traditional lift is that they take up less space and can easily be added to a corner of a room. In addition the circular lift shaft can act a sun trap and allow light to flood throughout the house. The lift features a 520mm curved door on each floor. 

The client uses the lift to even more the vacuum cleaner  throughout the house and take the washing upstairs. They also use the lift to move small items of furniture as well as bags and suitcases. 

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Location: Dorset

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2014

Pneumatic Home Elevator in Bournemouth
Pneumatic Home Elevator Lift
Pneumatic Home Elevator UK

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SwingOn by Access Lifts

We are proud to introduce a new exciting disabled access solution. SwingOn is a genuine alternative to conventional disability ramps, outside stairlifts and inclined platform lifts. It is an innovative design that allows easy disabled access up to a maximum height of 500mm. SwingOn has the advantage against conventional disability ramps and inclined platform lifts. This is because it takes up a fraction of the space of ramps and platform lifts. UK Building Regulations state a disability ramp has to have a maximum gradient of 1 in 12 for a total rise of 166mm rising to a maximum gradient of 1 in 20 for a total rise of 500mm. This means that for a 500mm rise from the pavement to the top of the steps you will have to build a ramp that is 10 metres long. This coupled with the ramp's 1.5 metres width means the total area is at least 15m2. This can be inviable and impractical therefore the best option is SwingOn.

SwingOn features a telescopic platform that can measure between 830mm - 1400mm in length and 700mm in width. This means it can accommodate a variety of  different wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Its safe working load is rated at 300kg which means it can lift even the heaviest of electric scooters.

SwingOn is easy to install, taking only 1-2 to fit, with a simple plug and play connector so it can be used straightaway. It is easy to use and even easier to pack away, the compact design allows for it to be stored against a wall neatly. It comes in a number of colours so it can seemingly blend into its surroundings. SwingOn is made to last! All components are tested to European Standards to resist both hot and cold temperatures as well as high humidity levels.

And the best thing about SwingOn? It's affordable!

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Lifts for Restaurants – Disabled Access Made Easy

Maximising Space

Restaurants along with hotels and shops can find it difficult to maximise space when it comes to disabled access. They sometimes see disabled access as something they have to have rather than maximising its potential and the potential of the restaurant. Disabled access for many restaurants takes the form of a ramp. A disability ramp can be a good idea and can be cost effective. However ramps take up potential cover space and when profits are so tight like they are in the restaurant industry then 3 or 4 tables can make all the difference. Alternatively a lift can answer the disabled access question and open up the space for potential covers. The word 'lift' usually brings to mind a large passenger lift that is in a stainless steel structure with automatic steel sliding doors. However a lift can be any platform that moves between two floor levels. Finding the right disabled access lift when every square foot is vital to boosting sales can be tricky - restaurant owners are looking for lifts that have as little impact as possible but provide the necessary disabled access so that their restaurant is open to all. We provide a wide range of step lifts that cover short rises. In addition we provide lifts for restaurants that have a second floor or mezzanine - this can open up previously inaccessible covers for wheelchair users and really boost a restaurant's profits.

Lift or Ramp

Are Lifts Affordable?

Most restaurant owners might initially be put off having a lift in their restaurant due to the cost compared with a conventional ramp. However disabled access lifts for restaurants are more affordable than you think. In comparison, for a restaurant with a floor level difference of 500mm from the street to the entrance a ramp's area will take up at least 165ft2. This space is wasted covers that have the potential to boost the restaurant's profits. We understand that for many owners and managers there is a tradeoff between the initial cost of installing a lift and the additional covers it opens up. That's why we see having a disabled access lift in a restaurant as an investment. It not only gives you back the space the ramp was taking up but for those restaurants that didn't previously have disabled access it opens up the restaurant to a large pool of new customers.

Lifts for Restaurants
Lifts in Restaurants Entrances
Lifts for Pubs


Functionality is at the core of disabled access equipment whether it’s a lift, a hoist or even a ramp. We believe that any disabled access equipment has to follow 3 basic principles: firstly, it has to be easy to use, giving as much independence to the user as possible, secondly, it has to be relatively quick to use and most importantly it has to be completely safe. These 3 principles come together to form the functional aspect of any disabled access equipment. With advancements in technology the majority of disabled access lifts now meet these principles but sometimes they are not tested in situ regularly. For example there are some situations where a disabled access lift is only used a handful of times each year. However when looking for the right lift for a restaurant, you need a lift that can stand up to daily use. The best lifts for restaurants need to be robust against the knocks and bangs that are common in a bustling restaurant or bar. We know that even with the most careful use, lifts can be knocked by staff and customers alike. That's why we look for and supply the best lifts on the market so that they're always up to the challenge and therefore last. 


In the past disabled access only used to be functional. Now creating a lift that matches the restaurant’s style and interior can be just as important as its functionality and sometimes it can become the priority. Major restaurant chains can undergo refits every 5 to 10 years therefore finding a lift that matches their new style is important. We've seen with some of our projects a shift towards industrial looking restaurants, with untreated metal becoming a more common style as well as bold vivd colours. With this in mind, suppliers and manufacturers are now providing more and more choice with finishes and optional extras. We understand that each project is unique in terms of appearance and all of our products are made to order to bring the client's vision to life. We also love adding intricate details such as mesh panels to our products to make sure they seamlessly blend into the surrounding aesthetics. We're seeing that fashion and style are having a greater effect on the world more today than ever before and even the lift industry is subject to it.

Lifts for Hotels
Lifts for Bars
Enclosed Platform Lift for Restaurant


We provide a variety of lifts for restaurants and build the lift around your vision creating a truly unique product. Our lifts vary from outdoor step lifts at a restaurant's entrance to hidden step lifts for an indoor set of stairs to a more traditional enclosed platform lifts to reach a second floor or mezzanine. Finding the right lift for your restaurant can be tricky and that’s why we’re here to help. For advice on your latest project or to get a quotation give us a call on 0800 65 252 65 or email us by clicking here.

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Lift in a Residential Building, Kings Lodge, Reading

We were approached by a developer who was looking to install a lift in a residential building he had recently refurbished, Kings Lodge,  on Kings Road, in Reading. The Kings Lodge building has a number of luxury flats across 5 floors in central Reading. The client was looking for a lift to supply access to all floors of the building. The client also wanted to use the lift to provide a way of transporting heavier items throughout the building when the new residents move in. Before we arrived on site the builder had already created a purpose built lift shaft running through the centre of the building. We inspected the lift shaft and completed a survey, taking critical measurements to create technical drawings for the client.

We discussed with the available options with the client and after a couple of weeks came up with a detailed plan for the lift. The client accepted our technical drawings and we installed the lift as to the plan.  This platform lift in a residential building travels over 12 metres across the 5 floors with the cabin interior measuring 1100mm x 1400mm. The lift has a rated load of 400kg (5 persons) so it can be used to move luggage and some items of furniture throughout the building when the new residents move in. The platform lift has stainless steel automatic doors on each floor. The lift was finished with a mirror back wall in order to create a spacious airy feel in the lift.

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Location: Berkshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2018

Lift in a Residential Building - Kings Lodge
Lift in Apartment Block - Kings Lodge
Lift in Flats - Kings Lodge

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