King Street Townhouse Spa & Gym

The King Street Townhouse is a luxury hotel built in 1872 and located on Booth Street in central Manchester. The hotel features a rooftop pool, sundeck and recently refurbished gym and spa. We were approached by EPR Architects who were in charge of the design for the King Street Townhouse Spa and Gym. They were looking for solutions that would be able to combine luxury finishes and provide practical unobtrusive access for less able bodied visitors. The Gym is located on the ground floor with the Spa below in the basement. Due to the age of the building there were split levels on both floors with a set of steps leading from street level into the main gym entrance and two low rise changes of level in the Spa. Traditional access solutions such as inclined platform lifts can take long to operate and can detract from the surrounding finishes.

We worked with EPR through their Stage 3 & 4 design to specify 3 hidden platform lifts for these small changes of level. The benefit of these lifts is that they can be placed in front of the steps and do not take up any space when not in use. This is perfect for entrances and lobbies where there is not space for a traditional platform lifts to the side of the steps. They are incredibly versatile with a number of different on platform, landing or handheld remote controls which ensure that the client gets exactly the operation arrangement they require. 

The other lift of the package is a cabin lift which transports passengers from the ground floor Gym entrance to the Spa below. This cabin lift features 90º adjacent entry with 2 entrances on the ground floor one from the main entrance and one leading directly into the Gym as well as the entrance into the Spa below. This lift features bespoke bronze finishes throughout the cabin with lighter skirting, dark mesh panels and a full length bronze mirror to one side. The passenger lift features 2 types of bespoke swing landing door. The first type which is present on the gym entrances features mirror tinted frameless glass panels with gunmetal grey door frames and full height matte black door handles. The second type found in the Spa features the same mirror tinted frameless glass panel with bronze door frame and full height matte black door handles. Both of these type of doors feature bronze mirror panels on the side facing the cabin.

The lifts package was completed and installed in time for the King Street Townhouse Spa & Gym's opening in July 2022. 

Location: Manchester

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2022

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The gym entrance to the main lift at King Street Townhouse
The spa entrance at King Street Townhouse
Frameless glass door of the lift at KSTH in Manchester
The gym entrance to the main lift at the KSTH in Manchester
One of the hidden platform lifts in the spa of King Street Townhouse
Hidden wheelchair lift at King Street Townhouse in central Manchester
Hidden platform lift at spa on Booth Street, Manchester
The internal cabin features copper skirting detail and bronze mesh panels as well as a bronze mirror
the lift cabin features a bronze mirror
The main lift entrance leading from the spa at King Street Townhouse

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Marsham Court Hotel

We were approached by the owners of the Marsham Court Hotel as they were looking to fit a new platform lift as part of extensive refurbishment works around the hotel. The Marsham Court Hotel is located on Bournemouth's East Cliff opposite the Russell Cotes Museum. The Marsham Court has been owned and run by the same family since 1987, and we worked with current directors Rosie, James and Russell to fulfil this project. The Marsham Court offers a great location within Bournemouth with short walks to the beach and tot he town centre with amenities close by. The hotel has two restaurants, offers events space for weddings and. conferences and also has an outdoor heated swimming pool. Its location also benefits from sea views from Hengistbury Head in the East to the Isle of Purbeck in the West. 

The Marsham Court went under extensive refurbishment during the pandemic. As part of the works Rosie, James and Russell were looking to make the hotel more accessible. The best solution to allow easy access for wheelchair users was to include a platform lift at the main entrance of the hotel. This would provide less able bodied guests the shortest distance from parking to reception and also offer a great access solution for extra visitors who would make use of the hotel during the busy summer months. The platform lift would have to be extremely reliable with consistent use everyday. The lift travels around 1500mm between the two levels and features an inbuilt ramp on the platform so there is no need for a pit. In addition the lift was manufactured from brushed stainless steel to handle the harsh environment of the coastal location. It was then finished with frameless glass panels and powder-coated in RAL 5023 - Distant Blue.

The Marsham Court Hotel is a great local family run business and we had great pleasure working with them on this project. 

Location: Bournemouth 

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2022

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External blue powder coated platform lift at the Marsham Court Hotel in Bournemouth
Outdoor platform lift at the Marsham Court Hotel
The lift travels around 1.5 metres between the two levels
The external platform lift was powder coated in a chosen RAL colour

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Haywood House – Open Platform Lift with Bespoke Mesh

We were approached by Rio Architects who were looking at adding a platform lift to the main entrance of Haywood House in Cardiff city centre. The 3 storey office building is located just off Dumfries Place. The platform lift would offer step free access to the ground floor and via the passenger lift to the first and second floor. Split levels are common through commercial buildings across the UK and finding a suitable solution that reflects the rest of the design can be difficult. We offer a wide range of customisable solutions for this type of project. Whether its a specific panel deign, bespoke site colour or push button controls we can create the perfect solution thats in keeping with its surroundings. 

We worked with Rio during their Stage 3 + 4 design to create a solution that would incorporate the same mesh being used throughout the building and reflect the industrial refurbishment to the office building. The original design incorporated a pit however during excavation works a void was found beneath the stairs so this option could not be used. We proposed an alternative solution which would fix to the wall and requires no pit.  The benefit of this option is that the lift comes with a small ramp in lieu of a pit and only requires structural support to one side of the platform. This support can be in the form of a masonry wall however for this particular project two steel supports were fixed behind the plasterboard providing a clean finish. 

The platform lift at Haywood House travels a total of 600mm between the two levels and features a 1100mm x 1400mm platform. The same mesh finish is included on the platform as well as the landing gate. All visible surfaces were then powder-coated in matte RAL 9005 to match the surrounding railings and accents of the reception area.

Location: Cardiff

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2022

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Mesh platform lift at Haywood House in Cardiff
Platform lift at Haywood house with matching mesh
Platform lift with mesh gate
Platform lift at Haywood House in its raised position
The platform lift at Haywood House has mesh that matches the rest of the reception
Both the landing and platform gates feature the same mesh
The platform lift has no pit and is fixed to the wall

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Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum is a museum located in Holland Park in West London. The building was constructed for Frederic Leighton to serve as a private home combined with an art studio. Frederic Leighton was one of the founding members of the Holland Park Circle, a group of artists that were prominent in the mid-late 19th century. The construction of the site took 30 years with continuous development from the original studio. The building is Grade II* listed and is made out of red Suffolk bricks and its distinguished finishes continue with the internal design taking influence from the East Mediterranean and Near East. The museum has been open to the public since 1929 displaying pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood paintings as part of their permanent collection. 

The site was awarded £1.6m from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the £7.8m refurbishment. BDP, the appointed architectural practice, looked to rediscover original architectural elements throughout the museum whilst providing new exhibition spaces and making the museum accessible for all. Access Lifts previously worked with BDP on the £24m refurbishment of the National Army Museum. The same project architect got in touch with Access Lifts in 2016/17 to go through first and second stage design aspects in order to create step free access routes throughout the project. 

Access Lifts designed 3 solutions for the museum and were awarded the lifts package by main contractor Quinn London. The lifts package consisted of 1x passenger lift, 1x open platform lift and 1x hidden platform lift. All of the lifts were to feature bespoke bronze finishes to match designs accents throughout the museum. 

The passenger lift features bronze landing doors with a brushed stainless steel lift car with mirrors on 3 sides. The lift also features drape protection to protect the lift car finishes when artwork is moved throughout the museum. The open platform lift is finished with the same bronze colour and features a side acting drive mechanism as to not disturb the existing floor of the Grade II* listed building. The hidden platform lift provides access between two split levels. The lift features wooden flooring which matches the rest of the basement flooring and a frameless glass upper landing gate. The gate is finished with the same bronze colour found through the museum. 

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2022

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Passenger lift with bronze automatic doors at Leighton House Museum in Holland Park
Bronze platform lift at Leighton House Museum
Hidden lift in the basement of Leighton House Museum
Hidden platform lift with frames glass upper landing gate
The open platform lift colour matches steelwork found around the museum
The hidden platform lift is finished with the same wooden flooring as the rest of the basement
The open platform lift is pitiless and has a small automatic ramp instead
Open platform lift at Leighton House Museum
Internal lift car of the passenger lift at Leighton House Museum

Cabin Lifts vs Passenger Lifts

Cabin lifts are a type of lift that few people outside of the lift industry know about or would even consider for their project. They are a hybrid solution between a fully enclosed platform lift and a passenger lift. Instead of just a platform moving within a shaft, a cabin lift has a fully built lift car and can come with swing landing doors like a platform lift or fully automatic sliding doors like a passenger lift. This flexibility makes it perfect for low rise solutions where a passenger lift and the enabling works involved with its installation can be expensive.

The glass cabin lift features automatic sliding doors

The cabin lift shares more similarities with the passenger lift compared with a platform lift. The lift has a full lift car that can run inside either a masonry lift shaft or a steel one. The cabin lift only requires a landing push button to be selected once rather than being continuously held down like a platform lift. The cabin lift can come with fully automatic sliding doors so looks and feels exactly the same as a passenger lift that is find in a shopping centre. The main difference between the cabin lift and the passenger lift is that the speed of the cabin lift is rated at 0.15m/s, which some might say is slow but for a typical floor to floor measurement of 2.7 metres, it will only take 18 seconds. 

There are several advantages of using a cabin lift over a passenger lift for a project. Cabin lifts have significantly shallower pits, moreover our cabin lifts have the shallowest pit on the market at only 130mm! In comparison a typical passenger lift pit requires 1100mm, this can be significant especially in basements where excavation and tanking can prove difficult.

Cabin lifts offer a bespoke alternative to passenger lifts
The Base in Greenham features a cabin lift with automatic sliding doors

In addition to the shallower pit, our cabin lifts have lower headroom requirements with a minimum floor to ceiling height of 2150mm. This headroom height is typically lower than most ceilings therefore adding a cabin lift into an existing structure is significantly easier. In comparison a passenger lift typically requires a minimum of 3400mm above the finished floor level which can impact floors above or limits the location of a lift. 

As well as less shaft space vertically, a cabin lift’s drive mechanisms are significantly slimmer than a traditional passenger lift. With only 300-350mm taken up instead of 550mm you get more lift car for your lift shaft which means less impact on any surrounding rooms and the overall fit out design of a project. Furthermore our cabin lifts only require fixing points on one side with both guides therefore we can achieve entry points on up to 3 sides of the lift. Several passenger lift manufacturers simply cannot offer this option. 

Lift in a stairwell in Highcliffe
Cabin lift with automatic doos which makes it look like a regular passenger lift

You might be thinking that with less space requirements there would be a downgrade in quality or reliability. This is simply not the case! We are able to offer a wide range of both standard and premium finishes as well as a bespoke finishes service for luxury projects using some of the most well known stainless steel providers from around the world. Our bespoke finishes schedule is not exclusive to just the interior of the lift, we offer both custom made swing landing and automatic sliding doors. Bespoke finishes from previous projects can be provided upon request. 

Finally, and probably the most important difference between a cabin lift and a passenger lift is cost. The cabin lift itself is significantly more affordable and with less extensive enabling works required, builders costs are cheaper too. This makes a cabin lift the perfect solution for low rise vertical solutions. 

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St Mary’s Guildhall

St Mary's Guildhall is a medieval building that dates back to 14th Century and is situated in the centre of Coventry. The building is located opposite the old Cathedral and has played a prominent role throughout Coventry's history. The Grade I listed building last had a major refurbishment in the 1930s with smaller scale adaptations made in recent years. Oliver Architecture based in Birmingham led the design with Croft Building Contractors carrying out the major works. Both companies work extensively in the heritage buildings and conservation sector with projects across the West Midlands as well as nationwide. As part of the refurbishment Oliver Architecture were looking at including a discreet hidden platform lift to overcome a short rise as well as an enclosed platform lift to offer step free access to the first floor. 

We offer a wide range of hidden lift options that can be tailored to site requirements. We can also change the location of the platform whether its on the upper landing, part of the steps or on the lower landing. Our bespoke hidden wheelchair lifts can be used for rises up to 1500mm. For St Mary's Guildhall, we designed a standard 1100mm x 1400mm platform with two moving steps for the 420mm change in height. The lift requires a 600mm pit below the finished floor level and can be clad in any material most commonly stone up to 30mm thickness with a total load of 100kg across the platform. In this instance Yorkstone was used to match the surrounding flooring which provides a seamless finish. Due to the flexibility of the finish our hidden lifts are perfect for heritage and listed buildings where traditional platform lifts would look out of sorts.

The lift also features stainless steel roll off protection to the lower landing side.  The lift is finished with an on platform control column and remote control key fobs for use by members of staff when events are taking place at the Guildhall. 

The package also included an enclosed platform lift that offers step free access from the ground floor to the first floor. The lift features its own self-supporting shaft with a half height upper landing gate on the first floor. The lift shaft, platform and all cladding panels when finished in RAL 9005 - Jet Black to match the interior design accents through the building. 

As part of the works, Access Lifts were also awarded the enclosed platform lift providing access from the ground floor level to the Undercroft. 

Location: Coventry

Status: Ongoing

Year Completed: 2022

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Hidden Step Lift at St Mary's Guildhall in Coventry in the down position
The hidden lift at St Mary's Guildhall in travel
Hidden lift at St Mary's Guildhall in the up position
The hidden platform lift at St Mary's Guildhall, the lift offers step free access for wheelchair users
The hidden lift is finished with York stone to match its surroundings
When not in use the hidden lift is simply a set of steps
The hidden platform lift features a 100mm high stainless steel roll off protection

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External Platform Lifts at Ridley Hall, Cambridge

We were approached by Cocksedge Building Contractors who were carrying out the refurbishment works at Ridley Hall in Cambridge. The works included excavation and creation of a new library in a sub level as well as layout changes to access routes surrounding the external quadrangle. As part of the works, the project required two external platform lifts, one offering access to an existing part of the  building then the other offering access into the newly excavated basement for access to the library. Ridley Hall is a theological college in the heart of Cambridge which trains men and women who intend on becoming ordained in the Church of England. Founded in 1881 the college teaches evangelical theology and offers training courses to those already ordained. Even though the college is not part of the University of Cambridge it shares close links with the university and offers some qualifications from the university. 

The first lift provides step free access into part of the existing building. The lift has a 1100mm travel across the two floors and features automatic gates on both the platform and upper landing. The lift was finished in black in order to match the steel railings and building accents. The lift also features call and send wireless controls on both landings to make the lift quick and easy to use. 

The second lift provides access to the newly excavated basement with an overall travel of nearly 3 metres. Like the first lift it features automatic gates on both the platform and upper landing. It also features wireless call and send buttons on each landing with all aspects of the lift powder coated in black to match the other steelwork around the college. At the request of the lift consultant we also installed a glass screen due to the tightness of the space to prevent accidental entry underneath the lift. Another request was a combined light and audible alarm to alert those moving around the location of the lift that the lift is descending. The colour of both lifts contrasts the orange brickwork and sandstone capping stones to produce an eye-catching finish. 

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Location: Cambridge

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2022

An external platform lift providing step free access at Ridley Hall in Cambridge
The external platform lifts at Ridley Hall are powder-coated in RAL 9005 to match the surrounding railings
One of the lifts has a lifting height of nearly 3 metres
Platform Lift at Cambridge University College
The lifts feature automatic gates to make the lifts easy to use
One of the lifts offers access to the basement library

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Hidden Wheelchair Lift at Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

We were approached by interior designers Studio 63. They were the principal designers behind the refurbishment of 15 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, transforming it from Nobu to the new Il Borro Tuscan Bistro. The restaurant can trace its roots back to the Il Borro estate in Tuscany, Italy where the Ferragamo family have been producing fresh produce  as well as wine for generations. Il Borro Tuscan Bistro in London is the second international restaurant set up, with the first being opened in Dubai in 2017. As part of the design of the restaurant in London, there was a split level with the bar in the front portion of the building and the main restaurant area towards the back and on the first floor. 

The stairs consist of 3 risers totalling a vertical travel of 420mm and a horizontal travel of 400mm. A Part M compliant ramp would have to be over 5 metres in length for this rise. This would not only detract from the elegance of the restaurant but would also take up valuable space. Our hidden platform lifts require a shallow pit of only 155mm and can have a maximum vertical travel of 830mm and maximum horizontal travel of 900mm. With the plug and play design of these lifts, they can be installed, tested and handed over to the client in a matter of hours. 

The lift features key fob remote controls which are kept with front of house staff and at the bar so that when a customer comes to use the lift they can do so quickly and easily. In addition the lift does not feature any on platform controls which allow both staff and customers to both around the area of the lift without being impeded. Our hidden lifts feature a 22mm tray which can be fitted with any flooring, the same herringbone wooden floor was continued onto the lift allowing a seamless transition. The lift was finished with brass trims to match the brass and bronze accents seen throughout the restaurant. 

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Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2021

The lift is situated in front of the steps leading to the upper part of the restaurant
The hidden lift is in its down position
The invisible wheelchair lift is in its up position, meeting the upper landing
Step Lift at Il Borro London
Hidden platform lift with retractable barriers
The lift features retractable 100mm high protection around the edge of the platform
The bar at Il Borro Tuscan Bistro features bronze and brass accents
The hidden wheelchair lift features brass trims to match the brass accents on the bar
The lift allows access to the upper part fo the restaurant

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Hidden Platform Lift at Broadwalk House, Exeter

We were approached by Cartwright Pickard architects who were designing the refurbishment at Broadwalk House in Exeter. The refurbishment would comprise of a completely new fit out creating break out spaces on the ground floor and redesigning office space on the floors above. With access tight around the reception of the building there was not enough space for a traditional platform lift therefore the only option was for a hidden wheelchair lift. Our hidden lifts have several benefits for both designers and users. For designers, the lifts take up less space than traditional platform lifts and the design is much more sympathetic on the overall building design. For users, the platform can be accessed from any side and with no gates to open the lift can be used easier and more quickly than a traditional platform lift.

This traversing lift provides access from the main reception into the large breakout area and is fitted with our goalpost on platform controls. This allows complete user independence, they simply press and hold the desired direction of travel. In addition, remote control key fobs are kept at reception so that staff members can use and prepare the lifts for any visitors. We worked with WFC contractors, specialists in leisure industry fit out and construction projects, to deliver this project. At the request of the architect we also included detachable stainless steel handrails, these handrails can easily be manoeuvred into position by one person. For this project the vertical travel was 325mm and horizontal travel was 500mm. Our hidden lifts have a maximum vertical travel of 830mm and a maximum horizontal travel of 900mm so can be used on steps and stairwells much larger than this example. The lift was finished with terrazzo tiles and brushed stainless steel floor trims, blending the lift in seamlessly with its surroundings. 

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2021

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Hidden wheelchair lift at Broadwalk House in the down position
Hidden disabled lift at Broadwalk House in Exeter, Devon
This traversing lift allows architects and designers to keep steps exactly they way they want
Hidden platform lift at Broadwalk House, a newly refurbished office block in central Exeter
We also included detachable barriers at the architect's request
The detachable barriers at Broadwalk House are made out of brushed stainless steel

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Inclined Platform Lift in Kingswear

We were approached by a private client who had recently moved into a house in Kingswear, Devon. The challenge was creating a suitable access route from the street level to the front door level. The pathway consisted of a steep set of over 80 steps with a number of changes in gradient as well as various curves. It came apparent pretty quickly that the only suitable option would be to have an inclined platform lift that would follow the existing pathway. 

Using state of the art augmented reality plotting we are able to take incredibly accurate survey of the steps. This allows us to see every measurement of each individual step. We can even mark the surrounding walls of the pathway to make sure that the chosen platform size will be able to fit at every stage of the journey.  This is so important when undertaking complex inclined platform lifts like this project to make sure that every subtle curve is taken amount of. 

This platform stairlift included 7 changes of gradient as well as 4 curves across its 45 metre travel. The lift is fitted on its own stanchions so there is no need for a supporting wall. These stanchions were then fitted directly into the steps and pathway which means there was no builder's work. Both the lift and the stanchions are made out of stainless steel, realistically this is the only choice for any project by the sea. It also creates a smart finish which will remain the same overtime as well as increasing the longevity of the lift. 

All of our inclined platform lifts have a rated load of 300kg so are perfect for moving heavy items. Many of our clients use them for deliveries of heavy items such as white goods whilst others use them to carry their suitcases down when going on holiday.

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2021

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Inclined platform lift in Kingswear, Devon with a view of Dartmouth
The platform stairlift features a steep curved start to its run
The inclined platform lift comes with a foldable seat to allow a user to sit down
The platform stairlift folds up when not in use to leave the pathway clear
An augmented reality survey was used to make sure the chosen platform size would fit perfectly
All of our inclined platform lifts have a 300kg load
External platform stairlift in Kingswear, Devon
The lift measures 45 metres in length across over 80 steps with 7 changes of gradient and 4 curves
The lift is finished in stainless steel which is the only suitable material for a project this close to the sea

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