Fulmer Rise – Glass Home Lift

We were approached by a building contractor who were redeveloping a prestigious property on the Fulmer Rise estate in Berkshire. The estate's proximity to both London Heathrow and Central London make the properties at Fulmer Rise particularly attractive. It features a variety of property styles from modern buildings to Victorian era houses. The property in question features a low soffit design above the first floor window line which created a reduced headroom of 2200mm within the lift shaft. Reduced headroom measurements can pose obstacles to several lift manufacturers however working with the architect we were able to design a shaft that would not impact the external soffit design.

In terms of the look and feel of the lift, the architect wanted the lift to reflect the contemporary appearance of the house. The lift features a panoramic glass side to the rear of the lift which allows light to flood in through the windows in the lift shaft. Both the COP side and opposite side feature polished stainless steel panels and skirting. The mirrored steel finish allows the light from the windows to reflect into the lift cabin and also through the lift shaft to the landing. Chrome finishes such as these are becoming more prevalent in home lifts as clients look to continue the rest of the property's high end finishes into the lift cabin. As well as standard polished stainless steel, we offer a wide range of bespoke patterned and coloured stainless steel finishes. This glass home lift was finished with panoramic fully automatic glass doors on each landing which allow the maximum amount of light from the shaft. These glass doors were finished with white powder-coated frame to match the surrounding architraves. 

Location: Berkshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020

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Glass Home Lift in Berkshire
Glass home lift with polished stainless steel cabin
This home lift features fully automatic solid glass doors on each landing
The home lift features clear glass doors on both landings
The polished stainless steel panel reflects light from the lift shaft's windows
The lift has a panoramic glass side and two mirrored stainless steel sides
The glass doors allow light to flood into the landing

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