Home Lifts and Garden Lifts

We know that home lifts and garden lifts are installed for a number of different reasons – we know that each person’s needs are completely different to the next. Therefore each project is truly unique and requires a bespoke lift, we offer completely free advice to assess your options moving forward. Whether you’re looking to future proof your home for yourself or new owners or if you’re looking for a garden lift to take the shopping to the front door we can design the right product for you. For more information about our range of home lifts and the finishes and styles you’re looking for email us or call us on 0800 65 252 65.

Home Lifts

If the thought of stairlift makes you upset with the prospect of ruining your beautiful staircase, a practical alternative is to install a small domestic lift. If space is at a premium in your home we can install home lifts within an area as a small as a cupboard or in a stairwell. We have installed concealed lifts in cupboards to match the existing landing doors so you wouldn’t realise a lift was there at all. Home lifts are not just for helping you get from one level to another but can be used for other things – such as putting your suitcases inside when going on holiday or even transporting shopping and other goods from the garage or basement to the ground and upper floors. A home lift is a really good way of future-proofing your house as well as really adding value to your home.

We can install within most stairwells and staircases with little disruption to you or your home. The lift is installed within in its own shaft with or without glazing; and it needs either a small pit of 50mm or a small ramp. It can be painted in a colour to suit your décor and we offer a wide range of styles and finishes so there is always the right style to suit your taste and your home. The wide range of styles and finishes makes this option very versatile, in turn this allows the customer’s vision to really take centre stage. Click on the following links to see some of our previous home lift projects in RingwoodWhitecliffWestbourne, WeymouthBranksome Park, St John’s Wood, Bosham and Torquay.

Glass Home Elevator

Glass House Lift in Black Steel Structure

Home Vacuum Lift

Glass Vacuum Lift

Glass Disabled Platform Lift

Glazed Home Elevator

Glass Pneumatic Lift

Tinted Glass Vacuum House Lift

Glass Lift in Flats

Opaque Glass Lift in Apartment Building

Outdoor Home Lifts & Garden Lifts

If space cannot be found within a house or building then an external structure can be built either to the side of the house or fixed directly to the house. This is a simple solution for existing properties that do not have the space inside as well as those properties that are built on steep inclines where a traditional lift could not be used. Those outdoor home lifts that are not directly fitted to the side of the house or building can have a small walk way into the property as seen alongside. These external lifts can be designed and made to bespoke specifications to suit the facade of the property with a number of finishes to choose from. To find our more information about our external home lifts check out our projects in Powys and Branksome Park.

When the steps or path up to your home become difficult, you can take a lift. We can offer lots of options for garden lifts, whether it be for one person or to carry the shopping to the front door. Our garden lifts can be installed anywhere; there is no maximum length of travel. Most stairways can be accommodated to suit all types of bends. If you have a small change of level, say a couple of steps, for getting in and out of the front door, we have small short rise lifts which can be matched with your slabs.

We can install a simple seated garden lift system; the maximum travel for these lifts is 25 metres so most gardens are catered for the rail; the seat is specially coated for outside use and even comes with a cover to keep the leaves off and the seat nice and dry. For added security it has a key lock and remote controls for multiple use.

We can install a home platform lift with a seat if needed to take you in your wheelchair up effortlessly to your destination. Alternatively you can be seated and take your shopping on the platform floor. Everything is specially coated for outside use and comes with a cover to keep it debris free. All our garden lifts are IP65 waterproof rated. The longest garden to front door lift system we have installed is over 44 metres (145 feet) long. To find out more information about our inclined platform garden lifts check out our DartmouthKingswear, Poole, Minehead and Parkstone projects

Outdoor House Lift

External Home Lift in Powys

Outside House Lift

Outdoor Home Lift in Smoked Glass Structure

Outside Wheelchair Lift

Outdoor Inclined Platform Lift in Dartmouth

Garden Wheelchair Lift

Outside Garden Inclined Platform Lift

Wheelchair Platform Lift

Outdoor Wheelchair Lift

Outdoor Inclined Platform Lift

Outdoor Garden Lift in Poole, Dorset

Outdoor Glass Home Lift

Outdoor Home Lift in Minehead

Curved Inclined Platform Lift

Garden Platform Lift in Poole

Other Domestic Lifts

We know that sometimes you require a very specialised product that might have a very unique use. From large domestic animals to refuse bin lifts we can find a solution that’s right for you. We can supply portable hoists to convey heavy domestic animals, as well as scissor tables for ease of veterinary investigation. We have also installed a stair lift in a boat with a specialist tray upon a private yacht to assist an old dog between decks, which proved successful for owner and pet alike.

Where space in the city is at a premium we can install lifts to lower dustbins, rubbish bins, refuse bins, recycling bins etc. beneath the drive so vehicles can have access to the front of the building. In addition to refuse bin lifts, when space is short to come by, we can install home car lifts so that 2 cars can fit into the space of 1. Home car lifts are perfect when you are trying to maximise space with a smart solution to a parking problem in a busy street or residential road.

For more information about our completed domestic projects click here and to see more pictures of work click here

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