External Platform Lifts at Ridley Hall, Cambridge

We were approached by Cocksedge Building Contractors who were carrying out the refurbishment works at Ridley Hall in Cambridge. The works included excavation and creation of a new library in a sub level as well as layout changes to access routes surrounding the external quadrangle. As part of the works, the project required two external platform lifts, one offering access to an existing part of the  building then the other offering access into the newly excavated basement for access to the library. Ridley Hall is a theological college in the heart of Cambridge which trains men and women who intend on becoming ordained in the Church of England. Founded in 1881 the college teaches evangelical theology and offers training courses to those already ordained. Even though the college is not part of the University of Cambridge it shares close links with the university and offers some qualifications from the university. 

The first lift provides step free access into part of the existing building. The lift has a 1100mm travel across the two floors and features automatic gates on both the platform and upper landing. The lift was finished in black in order to match the steel railings and building accents. The lift also features call and send wireless controls on both landings to make the lift quick and easy to use. 

The second lift provides access to the newly excavated basement with an overall travel of nearly 3 metres. Like the first lift it features automatic gates on both the platform and upper landing. It also features wireless call and send buttons on each landing with all aspects of the lift powder coated in black to match the other steelwork around the college. At the request of the lift consultant we also installed a glass screen due to the tightness of the space to prevent accidental entry underneath the lift. Another request was a combined light and audible alarm to alert those moving around the location of the lift that the lift is descending. The colour of both lifts contrasts the orange brickwork and sandstone capping stones to produce an eye-catching finish. 

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Location: Cambridge

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2022

An external platform lift providing step free access at Ridley Hall in Cambridge
The external platform lifts at Ridley Hall are powder-coated in RAL 9005 to match the surrounding railings
One of the lifts has a lifting height of nearly 3 metres
Platform Lift at Cambridge University College
The lifts feature automatic gates to make the lifts easy to use
One of the lifts offers access to the basement library

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Inclined Platform Lift in Kingswear

We were approached by a private client who had recently moved into a house in Kingswear, Devon. The challenge was creating a suitable access route from the street level to the front door level. The pathway consisted of a steep set of over 80 steps with a number of changes in gradient as well as various curves. It came apparent pretty quickly that the only suitable option would be to have an inclined platform lift that would follow the existing pathway. 

Using state of the art augmented reality plotting we are able to take incredibly accurate survey of the steps. This allows us to see every measurement of each individual step. We can even mark the surrounding walls of the pathway to make sure that the chosen platform size will be able to fit at every stage of the journey.  This is so important when undertaking complex inclined platform lifts like this project to make sure that every subtle curve is taken amount of. 

This platform stairlift included 7 changes of gradient as well as 4 curves across its 45 metre travel. The lift is fitted on its own stanchions so there is no need for a supporting wall. These stanchions were then fitted directly into the steps and pathway which means there was no builder's work. Both the lift and the stanchions are made out of stainless steel, realistically this is the only choice for any project by the sea. It also creates a smart finish which will remain the same overtime as well as increasing the longevity of the lift. 

All of our inclined platform lifts have a rated load of 300kg so are perfect for moving heavy items. Many of our clients use them for deliveries of heavy items such as white goods whilst others use them to carry their suitcases down when going on holiday.

Location: Devon

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2021

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Inclined platform lift in Kingswear, Devon with a view of Dartmouth
The platform stairlift features a steep curved start to its run
The inclined platform lift comes with a foldable seat to allow a user to sit down
The platform stairlift folds up when not in use to leave the pathway clear
An augmented reality survey was used to make sure the chosen platform size would fit perfectly
All of our inclined platform lifts have a 300kg load
External platform stairlift in Kingswear, Devon
The lift measures 45 metres in length across over 80 steps with 7 changes of gradient and 4 curves
The lift is finished in stainless steel which is the only suitable material for a project this close to the sea

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Purley – Outdoor Platform Lift

We were approached by a private client in Purley upon the recommendation from a couple from a previous project (South Croydon). The project was similar to the one in South Croydon as the client did not have an access route for a wheelchair or electric buggy from the pavement level to the front door level. The client decided that a lift would provide the most suitable access as a ramp would be too steep. We worked with a local builder to remove the existing hedge which lied between the driveway and existing path. This would create the space for the new lift without taking up drive way space.

The lift travels just over 1.5 metres and features a 1100mm x 1400mm platform. This platform size coupled with the lift's 400kg rated load means that it can convey even the heaviest of electric buggies as well as be used for moving heavy items such as appliances, suitcases and bins in and out of the property. The lift also features 900mm wide frameless glass gates on both the top landing and platform. We also included a handheld remote control for the client, this allows the client to be able to call the lift up or down before they have to go outside. The lift is made for external applications with all surfaces either in stainless steel or anodised aluminium. This means that the lift will not rust and will provide continued use over the years. 

Location: Surrey

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020

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External platform lift at a private property in Purley, Surrey
The outdoor wheelchair lift in Purley features stainless steel and anodised aluminium finishes
The platform lift features frameless glass side panels and gates
The external wheelchair lift in Purley
The lift features anti-slip checker plate so that the lift is easy to use during the Winter months
The builder created a flat raised terrace which leads to the front door

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Lincoln Cathedral

We were approached by Simpson & Brown who were appointed principal designers for the refurbishment and construction of brand new facilities at Lincoln Cathedral. Lincoln Cathedral, consecrated in 1092, is located in the very heart of Lincoln and was once the tallest building in the world till its central spire collapsed in 1548. The Cathedral had recently won £16m in Heritage Lottery Fund to create the Lincoln Cathedral Connected project. This project would include a complete modernisation and refurbishment of parts of the cathedral with the introduction of a brand new education centre, café, shop and community spaces. Due to the nature of the building, level access was not possible across all of these additions therefore a variety of lifts were needed to make the site fully accessible. William Birch Construction were appointed Principal Contractor and we worked with them to deliver this lift package. 

The first lift is a hidden traversing lift in the main reception area, the lift raises 350mm and traverses 480mm to meet the top step. This hidden lift features 100mm high roll off protection so that the user remains on the platform and finishes flush with the floor. It can be finished in any flooring up to a depth of 22mm which makes the platform run seamlessly into the rest of the floor. The lift is finished with remote controls so that a member of staff can raise the lift when a visitor needs to use it. The pit requirement for this lift is only 155mm.

The second lift is a cabin lift with fully automatic sliding doors, the same as a traditional passenger lift. The major difference between this lift and a passenger lift is that the pit and headroom requirement is considerably reduced. A passenger lift would require over a metre pit and 3400mm headroom whilst this lift requires only 130mm pit and 2150mm headroom. Due to the historic and archaeological nature of the site all 4 lift options were chosen with the shallowest pit depth possible. This lift provides access across two floors of the newly constructed education centre. 

The third lift is an outdoor platform lift that allows access to the courtyard area with a travel of 700mm and is finished with the same wooden decking as the upper level and adjacent stairwell. The lift is made out of hot-dipped galvanised steel which is then powder-coated to provide a finish that will last over time. This means that the less maintenance costs are greatly reduced and the courtyard is accessible for longer. 

The fourth lift provides access to the exhibition area of the centre and only needs a pit of 65mm. The lift has a modern look with reduced steel framework and large glass panels which match the contemporary aesthetic within the exhibition centre. We colour matched the adjacent stairwell so that the lift was finished in the same shade of black. 

Location: Lincolnshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2020

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Traversing lift at Lincoln Cathedral
Hidden lift raising at Lincoln Cathedral
The traversing lift at Lincoln Cathedral has fully extended to meet the top step
A side on view of the hidden step lift at Lincoln Cathedral
The lift features automatic sliding doors like a traditional passenger lift but only requires 150mm pit and 2150mm headroom
The upper landing of the passenger lift in Lincoln Cathedral
The cabin lift at Lincoln Cathedral
On the ground lift the lift's lentrance is finished with an elaborate architrave
The lift features LED spotlights as well as a half height mirror and handrail to the rear of the cabin
The outdoor platform lift provides access to the courtyard area of Lincoln Cathedral
Internal platform lift at Lincoln Cathedral
External platform lift at Lincoln Cathedral

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The Swan at Streatley

The Swan at Streatley is a 17th century hotel on the banks of the River Thames, around 11 miles from Reading. The Hotel recently underwent a £12 million refurbishment including a new restaurant, redesigned rooms and a Coppa Club. The Coppa Club is a take on a private members club with a 380 cover restaurant, a large bar, fireplaces, events rooms and a private dinning room overlooking the river. Other Coppa Clubs are situated on the Thames at Henley, Sonning, Maidenhead and the most well known on the north bank by Tower Bridge in London. 

During the renovation we were asked by Quadrant Design, having worked with them on projects at Venture House in Reading and Wagamama Wigmore Street, to install two platform lifts. The first, outside of the restaurant, travels a total of 800mm linking the restaurant with the covered terrace on the banks fo the river. The second, outside of the riverside function room, also travels 800mm which allows guests to access the small island off of the main hotel's ground to enjoy all the river has to offer. The lifts were finished in the same dark grey colour as the windows and door frames. They feature non skid platforms so that even in the rain the lifts can be used quickly and safely. Both platforms measure 1100mm x 1400mm and have rated loads of 300kg so even the largest electric wheelchairs can be accommodated.  Both lifts are designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions and as you can see in the photos they can easily cope with the British summer. 

The lifts were installed in time for the hotels grand reopening in July 2019.

Location: Berkshire

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2019

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Disabled platform lift outside the function room at The Swan at Streatley
Outside platform lift linking the function room with the lower terrace
Wheelchair lift allowing access to the island to enjoy the river at The Swan at Streatley
Platform lift outside the restaurant at The Swan at Streatley
Wheelchair lift overlooking the covered terrace at The Swan at Streatley
Platform lift overlooking the River Thames

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Chelsea Flower Show 2019

The Chelsea Flower Show is the key event in the horticultural calendar and one of, if not, the most famous flower and garden show in the world. It attracts over 150,000 visitors  including members of the Royal Family as well as celebrities. This year the Duchess of Cambridge has designed a back-to-nature garden whilst the charity that the Duchess of Sussex supports, Camfed, won a gold medal. The Show takes places on the 11 acre land of the Chelsea Royal Hospital, on the Chelsea Embankment. In just 25 days the site transforms from lawn and gravel pathways to an amass of colour with gardens surrounding the main pavilion.

We were approached by representatives of the Greenfingers Charity and Kate Gould Gardens who were creating an accessible garden for the Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Greenfingers is a charity that creates outdoor spaces for a number of children hospices. Since their inception they've created 55 gardens across the country. Their gardens include space where children can play as well as sensory gardens where they can relax and have therapeutic rest. The Charity needed a garden that would be accessible and would include interactive features for children.

Location: London

Status: Complete

Year Completed: 2019

Access lift at The Greenfingers Charity Garden by Kate Gould
The Greenfingers Charity Garden designed by Kate Gould Gardens

Kate was tasked with designing and bringing the concept to life. Kate is a Chelsea gold medal-winning garden designer, however this was her first show garden on the main avenue. The garden would feature an accessible ramp to the lower floor with interactive items throughout the lower level. From the original concept Kate wanted an upper level where visitors could find a new perspective on the garden therefore she needed a way of visitors reaching the upper deck. The original concept of the garden included a water lift. A water lift uses a pump to transfer water into two weights which would then cause the lift to ascend. The concept behind a water lift is incredible however it brings its own unique set of challenges. These are whether it can meet modern health and safety regulation and whether it will stand up to the constant use that the Show demands. After several consultations between Kate Gould Gardens, Access Lifts and independent lift consultants the result was that it would be too challenging to include the water lift design in the garden.

The lift in the Greenfingers Charity Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2019
The first garden at RHS Chelsea to feature a disabled access lift

The Greenfingers Charity Garden would be the first garden in the Show's history to feature a lift. The lift is an open platform that travels 2.8 metres to the upper deck, enclosed by a fully glazed shaft. The lift didn't require a pit so there is a small ramp on the platform. At Kate's request the lift was sprayed Emerald Green (RAL 6001). When we first saw the lift after it had been sprayed we thought that it could be too much. However once installed the lift blended perfectly into the lush garden. The whole garden was completed within the 25 day limit. Once the Chelsea Flower Show 2019 officially opened, the garden (and lift) was in constant use. The Monday of the Show, reserved for the press and VIPs, saw many celebrities inspecting the garden and using the lift to get to the upper deck. Much of the BBC's coverage took place on the upper level of the garden due to its viewpoint over a large proportion of main avenue. On Tuesday Kate was awarded a silver-gilt medal for her effort. An incredible achievement for the first garden at RHS Chelsea with a lift.

The Greenfingers Charity Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2019

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